Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The apple- the tree...

There has been a lot of this here lately...
leading to an interest in this.
The apple...
doesn't fall far from the tree.
The apples...

the tree.Apples...



"Oh, deer! It's the Noahs again."

"I told you if you built it they would come!"


  1. What a cute post! I love how your menfolk work in their bare feet. Smart kiddos building that dollhouse all by their little selves.

  2. Deb: They are like hobbits with the bare feet. There may have been some maternal intervention from time to time when the eaves fell off!

  3. Barefoot renovating is our specialty too. At least your hubby hsad the decency to wear a shirt and a pair of crocs when using the circular saw. Can't wait to see your deck when it's done. xx

  4. I wouldn't object to him wearing a hat in this heat either. It may warrant its own post when it's finished.

  5. Deery me. What an industrious tree, and clever apples you have.
    Decks and pergolas are very special to me.

  6. Your deck and pergola are looking great, occupational health and safety issues notwithstanding. I like the look of the dollhouse, too. I wouldn't mind having a go at one of those myself.

  7. R and S: Love that you are still dropping by. How was that cyclone? Decks have become synonymous with this eternal house reno as the one out the back will be the cherry on the cake - for the grandchildren.

    CC: Lala got it for her birthday in November from somebody who bought it at Cotton On! Who'd have thunk?

  8. Oh you are a crack up Annie! Mighty cool that you kids "built" the doll house themselves.

    BTW - Guess what I picked up on NYD in a "antiques/second hand shop" in Woodford ... 6 Iittala Kekkerit glasses just like yours for the ridiculous price of $12! Did you ever end up going back and getting the rest?

  9. I 'seed' a whole lotta construction work going on! Deck party?

    I'm excited about the dolls' house potential. Paint, furniture, flooring?

  10. Helen: I never did get back there but intend to take the kids for a fun day of opping there next week. Lucky children!

    MMMC: We have enough doll's houses to house a small gulag of proletariate fisher price people. Your services are always welcome although I think, in this case, we will go with the minimalism of the Great Escape styling.

  11. I have decided that Sam and Ruthy Noah are social climbers. That new doll house is just up their watery street.
    What has happened to the bird they birded?
    Mind you, the latest clientele are looking too eclectic to mass together and resist the incursion.
    There's talk that they are buying wood to erect a demarcation wall to the "unchosen", along the lines the Biggin has demonstrated.
    At least the Biggun is looking a tad more stable without wood off-cuts being used as elevators.

  12. The family that builds together bides together, or somesuch!

    But you might point out to the Noahs that in the average byre house the livestock normally resides below stairs, much more wholesome in a normal gravity environment!

  13. I had been considering your ring of wire but was unsure about the aesthetics and access to the plants. Although, the watering is sorted with a drip system. B is keen for a ring of electrified wire. I don't think so, somehow.

  14. CC: You could always stick bunting on it or some rotating windmill daisies. We have a little path through the middle and a gate made of a vertical star picket on the end of the wire fence. I just lift it open and closed.

  15. Nice work by both apples and trees. The fruit isn't far off the trees at our place either, unfortunately not in the form of handyman prowess but more obsession with tiny lego bricks! melx


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