Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Raining Zen, Alleluia!

Last night we tried to work out the boys' new timetables. Big Fella was at work till late, Shorty was stroppy and neglected, Lala wanted to flake in front of the screen and we needed another space to work quietly in. This one had to be sacrificed. To be honest the most creative thing I did at this table was the Big Fella's birthday painting and since then it's been mostly folding the laundry. Since he moved the dining room table around, I would rather work in there if I ever get the urge again in this lifetime to paint a canvas or sew. It's a great table to spread out on.
Mostly I was reluctant to give up my tea drinking and nattering space out here. I like staring at the mountain and sipping tea, feeling like I was hiding out around the corner. However they found my hideout ages ago so today while it was pouring outside, Shorty and I did some moving around.
The study table (as it shall now be known) was relocated to the tea corner without all my dusty art stuff on it. It needed a lamp and remembered the old Planet lamp that was under-the-house. There's usually a piece of old furniture there for most purposes if you don't mind it being old. The Big Fella is over it and prefers shiny and new these days. It's a dilemma! Too bad he's back at work now and unable to comment on the lamp.
This lamp was found at a local church trash'n'treasure when the twelve year olds were still little enough to be left outside in a pram. It weighs a ton and sheds a great puddle of light. The Planet label is all but worn away but I've seen them painted white and enamelled up in some mags and Pins recently. We'll just leave this old dear as is for now.
So this is the new corner. It means they can find me more easily but I can also see the kitchen with one eye as I stare at the mountain with the other for my zen quota. That may not paint a pretty picture but it works. There's the truculent succulent that was nearly dead on the desk. It may get more attention in the tea drinking area.
Shorty is trying out the new study desk for the big boys. She also brought her twig stool out as a contribution to the change.
It was always a bit bland in the Porter's grey so it got a quick slap of turquoise to pep it up.
Now you can sit in this tea drinking, mountain watching, zen soaking chair when you come over for a cuppa. It is so nice to have the house back to Shorty and myself through the day- mine, all mine!
P.S. That's one of Anna's Shiny Happy Art cushions on that chair, a very special godmotherly one!


  1. Awesome lamp and gorgeous twig stool.
    Could you share the colour you used? Please? I'd be very grateful...

  2. Yes I would love to know the colour too please. I have a chest of drawers, a couple of chairs and stools that could do with a bit of a spruce up.

    I love moving furniture around a bit, it makes the whole house feel like new. Great pics. x

  3. Love it all. That study desk looks spookily like our kitchen table.

  4. Kylie and Zara: It's and old one but they should still be able to make it up. It's 'Sussy' (shade P29G4)

    Zigsma: How lovely to hear from you. I've missed your music tips. That was an condemned art table in my first year classroom in Cairns about 1990. It had a lot of staples and paint in it back then and still has some colourful wordage engraved in its hide. It has been on every deck in every house we had till this one where it has become studious again.

  5. Love the 'new' stool and glad I got to sit in the other corner while it lasted. I really should get away from the computer during the day and move things around like you do I'm thinking. It's like a breath of fresh air.
    If I were you, I'd declare that chair (in particular) a folding-free-zone.

  6. The twig stool is outstanding!!! What a color! :-)

  7. I love your 'new' stool. I'm sure raining zen is better than raining pillows.

  8. Anna: Nowhere is a folding free zone because apparently I enjoy it SO much!

    Cowroad: It is pretty but, like Ayers Rock, it changes hue according to the time of the day!

    Deb: If it were raining pillows it would be lovely for a zen lie down- a perfect partnership really!

  9. ok, i love your house, all those colorful chairs and natural light. the new desk area is perfect, the lamp, i covet! the turquoise twig table is amazing. Bravo!


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