Friday, January 6, 2012

Busy Bees

While the Big Fella has been busy building the 'Ark' out the front, we gave him some space and got out of Dodge the last couple of days. Lala spent some time with an old friend doing the whole Southbank experience yesterday and came home with one of the best balloon animals I've ever seen.I sat up till the wee hours finishing the crochet part of this mystery thang. Can you tell what it is? Hopefully when I get some stuffing and finish it you might. Right now it looks like tubes of blue calamari.
Before I went to bed about 1 a.m., I hung up Zara's bunting in Shorty's room so it would be there with the sun shining through its yellow flowers on her waking this morning. My family members are renowned for our insomniac ways.
A few of us hit the beach today. I need to see the sea every couple of weeks to get a bit of something for the soul. I took two mannies so I could relax under a tree ...
and reread this beloved book of Lala's after many years. I collected shells to put into the new old egg basket we bought on the way there. The boys were bribed with chocolate and cheap sunnies if they let me go to two op shops without complaining. I told you I was feeding my soul today, didn't I?
They swam in the ocean, ran on the beach...
then washed off in the fake pool with a fake island around the headland.
We threw in a bedraggled castle climb on the way home to keep everyone sweet.
Here's some of the other op shop booty. The wooden pear is a bit lovely as were the little glass dishes I got for Lala's hair ties should she ever choose to brush it again. There was some cracker pyrex and another piece of milk glass but I moved away from the light of those until we get more kitchen shelving. The vintage knitting needles added nicely to my collection, 50 cents for the lot. My favourites though are the lovely heavy wicker egg collecting basket and these tiny ceramic ornaments.
The little elephant is a given and the pig is just lovely with the added bonus of having the name of the town on it that some of my favourite people live in. Shorty played with them for the first five minutes of the drive home then slumped into a salty sodden heap in her carseat. I daresay they will join the revolution in the morning if I don't get them up high first!


  1. Brilliant post!

    I have to get mine out of the house more often. I discovered your rainforest retreat the other day when I did a drop-off at the Singing Cockney's Over-priced Parlour. I walked in, heard someone complain to a staff member that everything was too expensive, I silently high-fived him, and walked out with nothing.

    I love those little ceramic animals! You're getting quite a collection.

  2. Imagine having two nannies. The luxury. I just can't imagine living near the ocean. The luxury.

  3. Glad to see the bunting up.
    Wow you did very well at the op-shop. x

  4. I'm always impressed by your op shop finds. Sounds like an excellent time was had by all. And you got to relax under a tree with a book - amazing. One day...

  5. Aha, there's just enough of the pattern pic visible to confirm that the mystery thang is a rabbit!

    Oh to be that close to the deep blue sea (as opposed to the muddy Irish sea 45 minutes from us) ... I'd emigrate except it's so darn hot in your part of the world! Do you have anywhere that's cool?

  6. The debuting rabbit is the colour of some of the sea I contemplate from each room in my sanctum of rest.
    I do too,appreciate that intense need for soul food.
    The call of the sea is nothing to be sneezed at.


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