Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tea Spree!

If you have met me you'll know I do love my tea. Hippy infusions, Orange Pekoe, English brekky, good ol' Liptons- I love them all. That's one of the reasons I got this tea service at the school fete last year. That and the fact that it is identical to my nanna's pink one- and it was $5!It seems I have a third week of work coming up. That will be it! I need some time with Shorty then before she starts kindy. It seems we were just mooching around together for a couple of years and out of nowhere this time has come. There is work for me if I want it. She is ready. I'm not sure about me.

Saturday, there was a lot of dropping off to do- kids to sport, bags of clothes to the oppy, crutches to the chemist. I always have to buy something at the oppy when I drop so Shorty got this pretty Milkshake dress.
I got my deposit back for the crutches and used it to buy this stuff called Moo Goo which is meant to have astonishing skin restoring powers. It has ingredients used on cow teats to make them all soft and uncracked. If it's good enough for a lactating mother cow it's good enough for me. It's cheaper than Clarins anyway and I've been surviving on old sample tubes lately. I'll let you know about its miraculous effect when I am mistaken for my children's cousin.
Shorty and Fishy were with me. Fish got a bit of cash from the friends this year. It was burning a hole in his pocket so I took him to DFO for some retail therapy and mother/ son time. He spent the lot at a sports shop. It was not my natural habitat. Typo was. I need a pencil case for the essential pen collection I seem to always have. Mine includes the imperative Artline fine tip, Sharpie, erasable blue pen for messed up paperwork and scissors.
Then we hit the Corelle shop where I was served promptly as my children were wielding a rugby ball and crazy grins. Nothing is that unbreakable! Corelle has met its match at our house but I like these red and white ones a lot. Did your family have Corelle for the kids growing up. It's nicer than plastic.
Then I spotted this marked way down in the Wedgewood Shop. Not a big fan of theirs, I was hunting for a thank you gift for Nanna and Grandad's child minding services. I did get them something. Then I saw this. The Jasper Conran version is more my cup of tea than the more traditional Wedgewood designs. It looked like the sort of thing that might have always been in a 1940's farmhouse like ours. The ribbon is from Typo. I can think of a lot of things to use that for!
This morning I tried the tea pot out. I love the huge flat lid. Three different girlfriends dropped in over the course of the day so the pot got a good work out.
The jug was down to $10. What could I do? It was a small reward to myself to commemorate the week I went back to work- and it worked out okay!


  1. Lovely tea set. Email me your address and I'll send you the best tea you'll ever have, made right here in ole NB.

  2. Give Deb your address, if it's the tea I'm thinking of, it has some kick.

    Gosh this working thing looks good. They pay you do they? I've got to try it!!

  3. I nearly bought some of that Moo Goo last week. If it works I WANT to know. I look like my children's great aunt these days.
    Nice tea set. I must visit.
    And how sensible to simply buy a pencil case. I would think I had to make it and still wouldn't have one. You are so grown up about this stuff. Love it, by the way.
    I'm scared to death by this work stuff, but apparently it has to come...

  4. Love the corelle but that tablecloth is frankly the bees knees. melx

  5. Deb; Thanking you, fellow tea sipper.

    MMC: Tea with a kick? Sounds like Horsey might like it.

    Anna: I still look more like Nanna than Mama but it may be the result of having three weeks erased from my brain. Very Agatha Christie. Moo Goo is noice but not as miraculous as they say- yet.

    BG:It comes from the uncuttable tablecloth stash and is definitely your cup of tea.


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