Thursday, February 9, 2012

Work it Out!

Hello there, you lot! I've been having a busy ol' week. Here is a sample day in the working life of Anon Annie. I offer homage to Deb for the broken body part of the week!

Tuesday I chose to wear my comfort mumu because a good friend bestowed it on me and I LOVE the fabric. I'm thinking cactus here. What do you see? Oh! It's a Rorschach mumu!
I detoured into the music block to turn the mumu the right way round and ran into a friend who was selling a 3/4 size violin. I needed one of those so I bought it off her. The joy of a brief salary!
On the way to the art block I noticed this funkiolus flapjackolius from which I must remember to snaffle a cutting. Note the green cactus theme here. I have been studying themes and motifs this week in case you were wondering.
Here's a bit of irrelevant but nifty silver and concrete. I thought I'd carry the camera around and look for something to photograph.
It was getting desperate for subject matter but I kind of like the look of all this old battered school furniture. In fact one of these would be mighty handy at our place for the school bags and other family flotsam. Still carrying the camera around. Nobody notices the camera when you're an art teacher in a cactus mumu.
I took four days to eat this apple for the teacher. I took about four minutes to eat the nougat.
At lunch I managed to pop something in my knee called a meniscus when I jumped the non-jump fence (I didn't know it was non- jump at the time!) I was on a nougat/ sushi/ display folder run. As I landed I had to spin around to stop the wild swing of the camera. It hurt a lot. My skin was looking as green as my mumu when I got back to the staff room. The man I share with there is perhaps my polar opposite as represented in the metaphor of the mugs. (We covered a lot of metaphor this week too in Film and Television.) He and I got on like a house on fire. (simile)
I picked up this one and he looked pretty happy with his lot. His knee didn't hurt. Get in!!!! I'm fainting here! Then he had to buy a slushy that took 15 minutes to make. No, the guy wasn't freezing the water. Some tot was having a melt down in front of the slushy van and held up the queue- on MY tragic Tuesday! Move it kid!! My leg is falling off here!
Back home as I stood at the back of the car unable to walk into the house, the divinely timely Lairy Godmother swept into the drive in her black chariot and whisked me off to the GP for a diagnosis and some crutches. The son's crutches were a tad short. We are now the House of Crutch. B1 was using them to pole vault from room to room tonight. I'm glad they're of use to some one. He'll be the next one in A and E. My knee is almost better and the fortnight is almost over.

There was a storm while we were at the doctor's and the sunset afterwards was so spectaculous I had to hobble out to the road for a photo. A fitting end to the day really. Hopefully Shorty and I can have a Bex and a lie down next week as we catch up on each other's chockerblock lives! See you there.


  1. Good gracious me! It's a great thing you have a sense of humour. (Don't break anything on my account, please!)

  2. That knee incident sounds excruciating. I think there's some sort of accident-prone theme developing here.

    Like the muu-muu. Those flappy succulents breed like nothing else. I can give you some if you'd like ... it'll match the Clarice Cliff bowl.

    You have to stop working!

  3. All happening isn't it! Thank God it's Friday Hey! That Bex and sounds like a good idea.... Hope you have a restful Weekend and a just as exciting week next week! :)

  4. Good morning, ladies, and a big welcome to our Emporium.
    On this floor we have surgical appliances, orthopaedic supports,and free X-rays as you go through the door.
    This floor is our most popular . We even have one lovely family which has moved in to save on petrol. They double as store models for all our equipment.
    Going down.
    Next floor carries our fine range of bric-a-brac.
    You will see our immense range of Danish delights. Do browse. However this floor is not open to toddlers, mothers of any shape , and seeing-eye dogs.
    Going down.
    Here we have mu-mu's from the last century.
    One of our store models today, is wearing one which she imagines is floral.
    However, it is a left over from our last orthopaedic talk-fest and actually displays images of our extensive selection of arch supports in full colour.
    Going down.
    This is the basement for our customers of advanced years.
    Our zimmer frames will leave you speechless. Do check the acoustic display of ear transplants. The dental mechanic comes Thursday and Saturday.
    We do on the spot removal of cataracts followed by Swedish massage which is covered by medicare.
    Have a lovely day and missing you already.

  5. Speaking as one who resides in the land of the Mu Mu, one should never jump a fence while wearing a Mu Mu, you should just appear to float across the landscape unhindered and free. I remember an episode where Homer becomes addicted to wearing the Mu Mu. It is Friday today - almost over.

  6. I wrote a big long spiel but it's disappeared into the ether. I love your mumu and miss you. Even though being around you is sometimes hazardous.

  7. Well if you will jump a non-jump fence, or any fence for that matter, silly girl, and all for nougat ... was it worth it?

    Hope you can skip into the next non-work week unencumbered by a crook knee. No idea what a Bex is but it and the lie down sound like a good idea :D

  8. Hmmm apple vs nougat. It's a no-brainer...

    And what a week. Hope you are on the improve.

  9. I love this post (not the part where you hurt yourself). As a person who works full time, has 4 kids and loves to make things your day seems pretty normal to me.


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