Saturday, February 11, 2012

Up the Wall

I've shown you some of the wall dressings here before but we change them around a lot. In the interest of trying to learn new things, I thought I'd have a go at doing a link with Punky and Me about walls. Ours are sentimentally dressed with eclectica from far away friends who are dearly missed...
and others from long ago in time that I have lost touch with but still think of whenever I notice their contribution to the walls.
There is a goodly amount of our childerbeasts' wall dressing in this house. I love the snap shots of that time in their growth. Did my new high schooler really draw and paint leaves?
Lala has a tendency to paper her walls with dressings- a potential wall hoarder.
The windows in this old farmhouse are one of favourite wall dressings as they give us so much lovely light.
They send shadows and moods around each room through the day that vary as much as the colours in Uluru.
Still amazing to me that the boy that was hunting toads with his friends last night used to draw flowers. I love this one. It reminds me there is a soft caramel centre in that wiry youth.
Shorty has the bug too. She brought this lot home from her first visit to kindy and often takes people in to look at it- very curatorial. By the way if anyone needs some nappies we seem to have completely stopped using them a while ago. Another phase passed. We could build a extension with the money we spent on nappies. In fact if we had kept those bulk boxes and filled them with straw and mud.....
This used to live in the boys' room when they were little. I painted it from one of their favourite Golden books- "The Sailor Dog". You know the one. They have slowly climbed up the lighthouse as they have grown up and their heights and those of their friends remain forever for me to sigh over. We made it detachable for a reason.

When my perfect neighbour, Bob, had to move into a 'home', fifty years of his sons' and grandchildren's' histories in his walk in pantry were painted out by the new owners. I could never have done it. To me it was a selling point!
Walls don't just hold the roof up here. They tend to hold a lot of special stories and love and lives as we all keep growing up together in the old farmhouse on the hill.


  1. The lighthouse is wonderful, I'd have made it detachable too :D

  2. If those walls could talk.

    Love the scrabble letters, and the light house growth chart.

  3. This is a very interesting post. I have been thinking about the walls of this house as I've been packing.

    I just took a print off the wall to see a whole lot of gecko poo stuck to the wall behind where the the picture used to be.

    And the whole marking-off the height thing - we used to do that when we were little and it got left behind when my parents sold their home. I often wonder what it'd be like to compare my height at a certain age with the height of one of mine ...

    Instead, we have a rather smart measuring stick thing which will always move with us when we move ... (this is a long comment.) I was thinking of doing a post on it.

    Your children are so amazingly and maturely artistic! That's wonderful.

  4. I wold NEVER have painted over Bob's height chart. Ever.
    It really would have been a selling point for me.
    Your light house is wonderful and I love your son's blue flowers.

  5. this is a lovely post. so many thoughtful things on your walls. I love the lighthouse. just perfect!

  6. You have so many lovely things on your walls filled with lots of memories. Love the height chart! Ours are up the side of a doorway and hopefully will be there for many years to come!

  7. I do love seeing what others put on their walls. Your children's art is wonderfully calm and mature. One of our artists in residence draws a good battle scene...a gory version of still life! xx

  8. Your children's art is wonderful! I think their mother must be a good teacher.

  9. Your walls are so interesting and I love that they tell a story. those scrabble letters are great, and the light house is wonderful it's something you can't just buy, those markers are so many memories. My mum has still got my marks on a wall and we have now added our children to it.

  10. Thank you, Annie, for this thoughtful and historic post.
    I never tire of seeing your amazing art and that of your talented children.
    What a pity to take the art down.
    Perhaps another twin farm house is the way to go.
    I have sad memories of our growth chart which we were forced to leave behind.

  11. I have always loved your walls. And desperately wish I'd done a height chart when you did yours. Alas, t'was not to be. WOnderful walls - always changing - always a surprise!

  12. What a lot of loveliness on your walls, I especially love the giant scrabble tiles - fantastic!

    Thanks so much for joining my meme this week.

  13. Gorgeous! No walls should ever be blank. Glad to have seen your walls, looking forward to more ;)

  14. You lot: Thank goodness walls can't talk! The scrabble letters were a gift from my brother but can be bought from Typo. Our friend just painted his kitchen so he traced the height chart markings perfectly onto baking paper and has now faithfully reproduced them back on the wall in the same place. Sentiment trumps zen new white walls!

  15. thanks so much for sharing ... our walls sure are an insight! adore your boys flower canvas .. that is a treasure ...cheers

  16. Cool art gallery Annie, I feel privileged to be a part of it. I lament the loss of the last 16months of recording the boys height, I traced the height chart onto a ribbon of paper when we moved and that paper is now in storage. I will construct a new one and those boys will be backing up to it straight after school. Miss You.


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