Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Op Shop Karma

It's been a while. I had the stuff sitting in the car for a couple of weeks and no time to drop it. Sunday a girlfriend ambushed me with two more bags of boy clothes. I was too tired to scream "NOOOO!" at the top of my voice but should have. Instead I just threw them in with the rest and took it all to Ron and Brian's. I was hoping for a little op shop karma. There was that old black stool but I have really got to get over stools.There was a picnic basket and a big toy box. No, no, no. The Big Fella has expressed a concern that there may be too much vintage 'crap' (how dare he) in this ol' farmhouse.
So I went modern, although it is called 'Retro'. The karmically weird thing is I ordered this very towel rail from a local bathroom shop for $150 yesterday. It is the same design as the toilet roll holders which we bought about ten years ago. There it was inside the oppy for the princely sum of $5!
I had to make a stand on the towel issue. It has reached a critical level to the point where the Mother in law commented on the quantity of towels in the washing. It is partly due to the swimming and partly that nobody hangs them up so the Big Fella puts them all damp and manky into the basket. They will get towel rations now.
There were a few other little bonuses. I broke one of these this week.
I always love some new old knitting needles. The yellow and blue ones were in a packet labelled Balene. The information on the packet was interesting.
Who knew knitting needles were once made from whalebone?
Probably Annie from Knitsofacto for one.
This buttery yellow tablecloth was too good to pass up for $4. It's that old heavy well washed linen. We are on a bit of a yellow bender it seems.

More tea, Shorty! We have to get the drill out now!


  1. Oh i'm a big believer in op-shop karma as well.
    The tablecloth is a beauty, loving the yellow too.

  2. Love that karma!
    I dropped off one bag last week, but there's soooo much more that still needs to go.

  3. I can't quite believe the outside of that Op-Shop! There's a squillion things I can see which look interesting.

    Damn you Red Hill Salvos! I'm never going there again, there's no karma there no more.

    'Crap'? What's that all about!?

    PS Love the table cloth.

  4. Zara: The cloth was an incidental after the more desperately needed rail but t still hasn't come off the table. So cheerful!

    Curlypops: I hear you. I need to send another bag to Ron and Brian while the oppy gods are in good spirits.

    MMMC: I'm telling you, Ron and Brian's are the hotspot of op shops right now. That was an off day! Last week I met another person who had turned on their heel after being horrified at the Redhill Salvo's oppy prices. No wonder the cockney is singing.

  5. Hmmm I feel the need to treat myself to the comfort of Balene, alas it is too warm to knit. I love that orange and white chair and yes I too understand you can have too many stools, but that one! Congratulations on the towel rail win!

  6. All praise for the golden oppy-tunity.

  7. I did, I did know :D If only I knew when the bargains would turn up in our op shops, that really would be something! But I never seem to find anything I want :( Your tablecloth is perfct!

  8. I love that tablecloth! I hope you took the expensive towel rack back. Gosh I wish we had Op shops here! Nobody parts with anything, bunch of tight Scots.

  9. Julie: Does the towel rail ring a distant bell?

    DMC: It's the thrill of the chase is all.

    Annie: Of course you knew!

    Deb: I hadn't picked it up yet. I have to ring and explain what happened. Will she believe me?

  10. Absolute total love for that tablecloth, having some yellow joy over here too( just not the custard variety). And that oppie looks very inspiring, can totally understand your love of stools. Almost nabbed one on council cleanup but was on the scooter and it was gone when I went back with the car.


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