Monday, February 27, 2012

eclectica domestica 1

Sometimes I'll spot a little' vinaigrette', intentional or otherwise, around the house and it makes me feel good. The dumping spot on the sideboard had a few favourites last night. There was a little set of clay pippis bought at the Redcliffe gallery shop, a dollar-shop bird and one of my favourite Elk necklaces. It's pretty old and chewed from when Shorty teethed but I still love it. (Inspired by Julie a long time ago. If you have a moment look at her Samoan sea change blog. 'Tis lovely!)
This little bit of Wedgewood cost $5 last week end and has held these flowers for days. Does anyone know what the white ones are? They are quite lovely. I found them on a large shrub outside an empty house.
Shorty's bambi vase has made it onto the piano of destiny where all the Christmas table bambis were left to languish. She looks a bit of a poseur.
Shorty and I have also been after something like this for a while but they have been rather expensive on line. It's a perfect night light and changes colours as it glows up the room. Last week they turned up at good ol' Aldi for $5. I may have to get more for all the toddler friends' birthdays coming up.
Saurday, the entourage spent a bit of time making crowns at the art gallery too. This one turned up in the back of the car.
Here we have 'Creative Corner' where the Planet lamp sits pretty with Valdermort's wand. It's the only one we got from the set- so creepy and bone like. I may have to use it on the laundry some time. "Ex-laundry-amus!!!"

Finally, for today's eclectica and your viewing pleasure, there is the little bit of Clarice passed forward to me by MMMC at the Paddo meeting on Friday. She was not wearing it on her head as promised but is forgiven.

I love that it is crazed and a little bit wonky in shape. Can't imagine why.....


  1. So many things... so few words. I like your use of the word 'vinaigrette'.

  2. Slightly crazed and a little bit wonky in shape.
    Hhhhmmm ... sounds terribly familiar.

  3. I love spending time with your "gatherings".
    I spot an interesting bit of wall art behind the Planet lamp.
    Can we see that is its entirety together with its provenance?

  4. Vinaigrette - ha! We have the Aldi bunny! I actually bought a different bunny online (copied MMC) and it was expensive and has now faded.

  5. DEB: 'Vinaigrette' was the lairy godmother's slip of the tongue but has become our code word now for the ubiquitous 'v' word.

    Fiona: I see we are on the same page here!

    DMC: It's an old experiment that never got finished based on an painting I'd seen in the background on a tv show. It'll turn up on a post some day, I expect.

    Zigsma: How lovely to have you over. You were one of my first forays into blog reading courtesy of MMMC and Shiny Happy Art. I love that exxy bunny too but Carmel's was only $20! Does the reproduction debate extend to bunny lights? I'm going the $20 route.

  6. I think you were the best person for that Clarice... I thought that must have been the name of the little doll! I'm off to Samoa now...

  7. Lovely, lovely vinaigrettes! Did you really find the bird at a dollar shop? I want to find some of those night lights too. I am constantly changing the vignettes in our home, it's a bit of a compulsion actually.

  8. You have a great swag of followers, let me tell you.

    I love a vinaigrette that forms naturally like a sand dune or something else that forms naturally.

    I'm looking forward to challenging my old vinaigrettes and creating new ones which spark a Pinterest frenzy.

    Thank you for taking that bowl. I'd forgotten about it since last week. I was in the Salvos the other day (I know. I'd sworn myself off it them) and saw a three-some of Hornsea priced for $80! That Singing Cockney thinks she's running an antiques emporium.)

  9. Anna: Enjoy your Samoan sojourn! You godmothers need to catch up.

    Midcenturymadam: How lovely to have you over. The bird was a dodgy cheepy but he is just perfect.

    MMMC: I believe you are referring to the 'organic vinaigrette' now. I am most familiar with this formation Does it also apply to aesthetically positioned laundry items? That singing cockney needs to be confronted by the oppy over pricing standards investigations elective. (O.O.P.S.I.E.)

  10. Every little arrangement of bits and pieces is a 'vinaigrette' in our house now, we blame you ;D

  11. O.O.P.S.I.E. I love it!!!!!!


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