Monday, February 20, 2012

Day Off

This morning I almost saw the dawn because an overzealous 11 year old wanted to go to morning swimming training. Where does this rogue gene come from? Sport schnort!
Anyway it turns out dawn is quite pleasant. It got me a bit inspired about my first day 'off' in a few weeks.
I made A list on the laundry door since I knew I would be passing it frequently.The A list did involve dealing with my nemeses, Vexatious Vacuum and Maligna Mop. We do not cross paths often but when we do, I get feisty.
I drove Vexatious to places I should have known better to avoid. The Horror of what lay beneath the couch cushions still lingers now. Seventeen, YES, seventeen Zoopa Doopa wrappers had been sucked, scrunched and stashed in them there couch crevices.
Kathy Karma supported me through the crisis and we found my old friend, Red Bird...
and Daisy Ring, both of whom had been missing in action for some time. Daisy is nestled in a half finished bit of artistica which was of course has been subdued by the domestica yet again.
This name book turned up. Do I really need it now? Five down, 34, 995 to go.
Then we met with the best little mother in law in the West-ern suburbs who, on her birthday, presented me with the most fragrant pile of fluffy towels and washing once again. The woman is a saint and always on Shorty's A list. (and mine)

We returned the library books where there is no longer a can amnesty. I reluctantly paid the fine because I needed to get a book out for the third time. I could have bought it for the same price! I also got the 'Bombora', history of surfing in Australia DVD, again.
We rushed to the school pool to watch the boys sizzle like pork crackling in the sun and beg me for slushy money through the fence as I was leaving. Is it just me or is this a little bit 'Boy in the Striped Pajamas' (or lairy trunks)?
Continuing with the child labour camp theme, Shorty pushed a trolly for me at Officeworks for yet another school book top up. Put your back into it, Shorty! There's gruel at the end of aisle three.
There it is all ticked off bar the oppy which we'll save for another day.
All in all it would have been more restful to go to work but we had a lovely swim at the end of the day then I noticed the golden light again in the kitchen. This time it was quite literally golden. There seems to be a bit of Hello Yellow going on again!


  1. I always said it was much easier to go out to work than to stay home with the youngins. At least you employ child labour! I lived too far away for my outlaws or inlaws to help. Lucky you!

  2. No such thing as a day off any more, is there? Looks like you had a very productive day. It's a red letter day if the mop ever makes an appearance around here. BTW I like your blackboard laundry door.

  3. I have that book! And you're one closer to the full set than me ;D

  4. Your day off seems busier than your days on.

  5. That is a full-on day off. The tasks never end, do they?

    That yellow burst is stunning! And I found a 'baby name' book the other day, I couldn't bring myself to toss it. I hope there's nothing in that move ...

  6. Deb: I just wish I had been clever enough to have an older one to employ as child carer.

    CC: That door has become the communication network around here. Thoroughly recommend it!

    Annie: And so it shall remain!

    DMC: ILife is teaching me a lesson to make me not so resistant to working.

    MMMC: It's funny how you can't let some things go. I got rid of the one from the first four but held onto this oppy one from number 5. We might get a dog or an hermit crab again.


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