Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cultural Capital

You know how sometimes a truly special day will just drop into your lap like a small gem? Today we went to the Redcliffe gallery to see an exhibition by an old friend of mine from waaaay back- before kids, before Big Fella, before Uni. We were both working in jobs we had no personal interest in but discovered a common interest in art. She was dabbling in clay figures and lizards and doing funny things like putting glad wrapped wet sculptures in the fridge to stop them drying out. You've come a long way, baby!This touching installation was all about the edge where the sea and land meet. She had set up interactive activities where viewers could participate. We could leave notes in bottles and create our own sand gardens in her sand tray cornucopia.
Everybody from 2 to twelve and beyond was mesmerised into blissful silence for a good thirty minutes.

If you've ever fossicked, you know how this works.

Playing in the sand in an art gallery...
with some beautiful sensory and eclectic found objects...
delicious. These marching, crablike mangrove things also tickled me....
but this bit of loveliness won my heart. It referred to a local aboriginal midden, the arrival of foreign boats to these shores and their profound effect on the 700 aboriginal nations in Australia.
Thus there were 700 pippi shells in the sand which I eventually realised were individually hand made clay pieces, exquisite to touch and hold.
Speaking of shellfish- we headed down to the famous Morgan's fish markets for some lunch.
I do love the noise and smell of a good fish market. These green tiger prawns were as big as croissants I tell you!
The girls were all "eeeyew!", B1 was fascinated by the cleaver carnage out the back and I needed to sit down. We got a bag of these tiger prawns for $11 a kg!
I do love the sea in grizzly weather. It's almost like the Scottish fishing village where the Big Fella originated.
Then a tree swallowed my children but that, my friends, is a whole post on its own!


  1. That art exhibit is fascinating! I loved all those tiny clay shells too. I'd be ewwing with the girls at the fish shop, I'm afraid.

  2. The interactive art looks like fun. And the 700 handmade pippi shells? Amazing. I love a bit of fish and chips and prawns by the water, too.
    (BTW glad you enjoyed the apple cars)

  3. Love the look of that lunch, both the menu and view. Looks like a great day had by all.

  4. Those clay shells are incredible!

    Hope the tree regurgitated the kids eventually!!

  5. How contemplative is that post!
    Each pic would fill 30 minutes for me.
    And the seafood? Perfect.

  6. Are you always on adventures? I like those mangrove crabs too. They'd look good with teak.


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