Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paddo Antique Centre Catalogue

So we were going to meet a friend for coffee. It was just Shorty and I and the 6th child, UFO Knee-'em. After three years of being cursed that big hooter now gets me the good parks at Big Boy School.Then we waited for Martha until I realised I had misread the e-mail. Because my brain is full, okay! So we decided to make it a reconnoitre trip for tomorrow's actual meeting.
This is a litany of lovely stuff (or not) just to run your eyes over if you are in Samoa or Darwin or such. Step away from the stools, Annie!
I may have to recheck this little bird thing tomorrow. It's a just a little bit Picasso-esque.
But where is the green glass???
The milk glass is all about. I'm never leaving that stuff in an oppy again, seeing what they charge here. I may open my own stall in this place! That one's for Bungalowgirl although I know you usually do white.
Here's a bit for Scandi Andy although he normally pays no more than $5 for a piece of West Germany. This was about $30.
Duck! I gave a set of three of these away at the garage sale of regret before I went overseas. They had red faceted glass eyes. Appropriately they were bought after a big night out when I was a mere tacker.

These are often at Roy and Brian's.

I got these at the Kawana Lifeline in 2010 for $2. These are $25!
Then she started to channel Marilyn on the air vent...
and began looking for a bambi.
Which one would you have bought her?
The bambi vase started to chat through the glass with other bambis. "Tappity tap, clink", it said.
Once she started lining up the merchandise, I knew our number was up and it was time for a long rainy day sleep.
Back tomorrow I hope!


  1. Love the paddo antique centre. Have seen a few bits of blue milk glass, doesn't float my boat the way the white does because the white is all about the texture and form without colour getting in the way. Have fun doing the babycino thing- will not be telling Liongirl that Shorty and Martha are scoffing the marshmallows without her. melx

  2. MMMC: The front table is booked!

    Bungalowgirl: There was a bit of the white there too. Lots of little vases. If you are out that way feel free to join us. MMMC will have a Clarice Cliff bowl on her head!

  3. I didn't know there was blue milk glass. Is there really blue milk? There's great finds in that shop not least the floor vent. I'm green as that glass over you getting to canter about with MMMC and M.

  4. Love the bird thing. And the Bambi's.
    The wall ducks float my boat.
    And the Small one looks fabulous in her oppy dress.
    Blue is definitely her colour.

  5. I miss Brisbane when I see these cool places, I could smell the old Paddo Antique Centre from here. Those stools weren't as good as your beloved Brian and Roy's.


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