Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Google Earth to Noah

Shorty- in the bedroom- with a toy explosion!
At least it has stopped me worrying about her putting things in line. I must embrace the disarray.
Although you have to wonder what gets it to this stage
What catalyst sends you from a perfectly tidy space
only a few hours ago,
to a bit of a mess, really? Oh...
I might have known...it's the Noahs!


  1. Noahs. They've turned slightly anarchic, haven't they? Ironic because the whole Arc thing seemed so orderly.

  2. MMMC: An-Arc-hic.....it was a code.

  3. Wouldn't you know - Sam and Ruthy are causing problems again.
    Probably the Ark became afflicted by mildew during the last heavy rain.
    They've left the animals again to fend for themselves.
    I see as well that they seem to be contributing to the Small One's mandala.

  4. Then, they hopped onto the Jet Plane for dryer climes.


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