Monday, February 20, 2012

Sick Puppies

This one is sick today. He has been amusing himself with a spot of millinery. It just screams Easter to me.To his credit he is undertaking the feeding and watering of the wee-un. Duck!
Some of the creations are less pretty and more worrying. It's okay! They haven't built a crack cubby in their room. This is apparently some kind of projectile launching device, a.k.a. gun.
When they are making stuff I know they are all pretty happy...
and not so grumpy.
The bounce is coming back slowly...
as the need to exert control is gradually released.

I said gradually...
There may even be a small craft project in store...
or just some aimless flower gazing and tea drinking.
Rest-oration works for people too, you know.


  1. Mummy duck followed by all those babies, how sweet. At least shorty has someone to keep her busy.

  2. Zara: Ha! I never noticed the number of ducks. That explains a few things!

  3. Cannot believe sick children just whip up easter bonnets. And nurture smaller siblings. Amazing. pity it's not catching. melx

  4. That kind of sickness is great. For the shorty's at least. Have a soothing cuppa.

  5. The Small One fascinates me.
    I hope you don't mind.
    The queued collections she creates are like Mary, Mary quiet contrary .....with pretty maids all in a row. She is definitely a pretty maid.
    Ducks today, Fisher Price yesterday.
    And the mandala she created with herself in the centre from the other day,tells me that she is well in touch with her creative subconscious.
    Your talented sons amaze me as well.
    Duck on the head, line of ducks on the floor.
    Glorious yellow gerberas.
    Having a technicolor family contributes to her well being.

    Great stuff Annie.

  6. BG: I don't think he was too sick by that time of the day.

    DMC: It fascinates me too. I think it may be her way of finding calm in the chaos- her toddler meditation.Duck boy surprised me as he has been off the arty stuff for a while. He liked wearing it in the car and waving to strangers yesterday.

  7. How's the spring inside the bottle, genius stuff. My boys hail him as the master.


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