Friday, February 10, 2012

Lights of my Life

Some times after a long, hard feel you should chat with them about ...
what they did and who they spent their precious time with,
ask them how things are for them,
if they are happy or tired,
feeling secure with the changes that have occurred out of the blue...
in a short and unexpected time...
or just giggle and play with a light in the dark till we all fall asleep together on the big bed.


  1. Last night we all fell asleep listening to Rudyard Kipling stories. Though I confiscated the torch which was being bandied about!

    Y'all must be exhausted!

  2. Isn't small stuff contented to have such a loving and attentive big brother?
    Love it all at the end of busy weeks.

  3. How sweet.
    I remember one year my sister and I got torches for Christmas, they provided hours of entertainment.

  4. Deb: It really was!

    MMMC: This was an itty bitty book light and lots of fun- so they tell me.

    She does adore her snaggy big brothers and they, her.

    They just never get old, do they!

  5. Yes, Annie, I too feel like that. Especially after a long hard day.
    You put it beautifully!

  6. Gorgeous post! But seriously - they actually fall asleep? I'd love that to happen in our house!


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