Friday, April 27, 2012

Fridge Family

Do you have photos on your fridge? If so, do you update them regularly or have long term ones that you just can't part with. 

The Bump in this photo is three now but I can't quite bring myself to take that picture down.

This Newbie below is the one hugging the Bump above. How excited those little boys were to have that new baby sister. How excited she was six years later to have another girl in the mix!

The two babies floating in the pool here are the 13 year old boys. That would be my foot up near the surface as I negotiate a double helix roll with a camera and a backward flip.

Our girls in a montage with chickens and Big Fella.

I just love seeing those chubby baby faces now they've become so lean and strong.

This little bit of Buddha appeared on the fridge about the time I found out I was having number five.

It still seems relevant today, don't you think?


  1. I love it, I still have photos just like you do on my fridge...I cant take them down, I still have my wedding picture from the newspaper for goodness sake, and I have been married 14 years this year! The baby photos, the chook photos...they are all there...every day, every time I open the fridge...hope you are having a bright weekend with those 5 chidlets.. :)

  2. Yes it does seem relevant. I love all your photos and wouldn't take them down either. I hope you're doing okay.

  3. You took me back to your kitchen in Brisbane. My favourite is the pirate and the bump.

  4. Don't take them away, Annie.
    Too many happy memories to cast aside.
    Those words are wise.
    I do love to see the children as chickaluns.

  5. I have always loved your fridge and always pause at to reminisce, catch up and draw inspiration.
    My fridge is also looking rather cluttered, but cluttered in a good way.
    I have always loved the pool shot escpecially now that I understand the agility that was required to take the shot.

  6. I have old photos which stay on the fridge. I have a friend who always seems to have new photos on her fridge, and I think that's much more interesting.

    It was good to see you dealing with things the other day. I've taught the crochet to bring the paper in in the morning. Amazing how obedient it's being.

    I hope you've stopped lifting things.

  7. Yes, I have photos on my fridge. We used to have a fridge with a wooden cover but we are back to steel, which is wonderful. Aour photos on the fridge are kind of a diary, aren't they?
    I wish you a lovely weekend


  8. We have photos, notices, reminders, rosters ... and mildew!
    Love all your images.

  9. Yep, I have mildew too - around the old photos, mainly! Now you don't see this sort of interesting stuff in Inside Out! (I'm not renewing my subscription, it's more fun reading your blog)

  10. Lovely family photos on your fridge. Ours is cluttered with notices, petrol vouchers, kids' drawings and just a few photos. I think I might have to declutter and print some more photos out (mostly they stay on the camera/computer)

  11. Btw - the bread recipe called for strong flour. I used regular plain flour. Homebrand. It was fine.

  12. Sadly no photos on the fridge - it's an integral thingy with a cabinet door in front - but when we got said integral thingy I pinned all the pics/notes etc. that had been on the old fridge on to a cork board that I popped on the back of the study door. That door is rarely closed if I'm in the room, so it's a lovely surprise when I do close it, a real nostalgia trip.

    Shorty and the chooks, and the pirate and the bump ... great shots :D

  13. This is absolutely perfect. The fridge is something we look at every day - the perfect place for reminders of the blessing we have. I love the pirate and the belly...x

  14. I need some photos on my fridge. I've a bit of kids art. Must put magnets on the shopping list!
    All your photos show display such beautiful memories of family life. My favourite saying at the moment is "it's the simple things."
    Buddha has sage words. Absolutely relevant now and always.


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