Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Gifts that Keep on Giving

Lovely Dr J. who took Lefty to 'live on a farm', told me some more tit bits on Friday which put me in a bad mood for Saturday. She says pathology is the "gift that keeps on giving".

I can think of some much nicer gifts. 
They give you lots of reading material when you have the big 'C'. It is like Cancer 101 in one of those condensed courses.

They even have booklets on gift advice for your friends and family. Mine must have read all the literature before me because they ticked all the boxes.
Their suggestions included-

Flowers from your garden:
There were copious, luscious flowers both at the hospital and still arriving here including all my favourites. The tulips only lasted a day or two but were worth every minute!

Some came from as far afield as New Zealand without so much as a wilted zinnia!

I have received wonderful gentle hugs from all and sundry, even my dentist and the childcare ladies, the wonderful women who keep bringing food and my sweet friends, family and over zealous children.

Hand, foot or whole body massage:
Thoughtful friends have bestowed me with a couple of great foot and shoulder massages and reapplication of rainbow toes. The gifted eye pillow provides a lovely eyeball massage for the new bags that are developing. That must be a side effect!

A treasure box for cards and letters:
 I can't decide what to title it...'C' is also for cookie .....2012......the 'C' files...? Any suggestions welcome!

A journal:
The Cancer Council gives you lots of journals to write in but I have you lot and my old 2012 diary. Friends have been more inclined to give me canvases and sketchbooks. I like that a lot.

A painting from a child:
There has been art work from several children, a lovely Ellen Giggenbach print, 

carvings from Samoa, op shop goodies from my brother and a wood block painting from the lovely Lairy godmother's collection.  Look! It's a hospital vinaigrette!! The jewellery has been most inspiring too. As well as the ceramic dove.....

there was rainbow jewellery for all the sisters distributed by one and a lovely resin bangle from another.

A sweet treat;
These came in the form of liquorice, lollies, cookies, cakes, special tea, 

sorbet, cheeses, wines and loaves. All pretty sweet to me!

Novels or magazines:
Reading material included of lots of lovely house mags, art mags, small tomes on philosophy and journeys and this Dawn French book which I have yet to finish but am enjoying in small instalments.

Anything that will make her laugh:
This gorgeous bit of frippery came direct from the Samoan bra factory to my hospital room. There should be one in every care pack at the cancer unit. It hung in glorious cheek on the wall of my room to amuse me constantly.

If you have one, offer your holiday house for a break: 
If you ignore it, it will come..

Meanwhile here's a gift back at you. Anyone that knows MMMC, knows her friend, actor, raconteur and day time talk show host, Horsey. Is it possible he was a male model in the early years before he had his ears done? Horsey, tell me the name of your surgeon! 


  1. Well Hullo Lovely Lady,

    Where indeed did you stumble across that old chestnut of a photo?

    It is me! In my glory days, doing a spot of work for my good chum RL. I was a lot more svelte back then, and used to turn a lot of mares' heads. Still do.

    You know, Ralph used Eustace as the model for that polo insignia he uses on all his t-shirts.

    Toodles. Love Horsey. xo

  2. You are indeed loved...wishing you a bright week ahead...x

    1. I'm feeling the love, ms. Enchanted!

  3. I'm glad you received lots of lovely things to cheer you up. The Samoan bikini is quite funny!

    I hope there's lots more presents to come. My toes are still painted.

  4. Gosh so many lovely lovely things!
    The treasure box is such a brilliant idea (I hope you don't mind if I pinch that one).
    I met a girl at Finders Keepers Friday night who had pink and purple nails, and the first thing I thought of was your rainbow toes.
    So glad you have such wonderful family and friends surrounding you.

    1. Go for it! I'm keeping it in mind for friends too- maybe with some starter treats in it!

  5. My toes will stay painted until you beat this thing - which is saying a lot because they're still SO FAR AWAY... lovely jubbly gifts... you might need a bit of paint to splash on those lovely Paula canvases I'm thinking...

  6. You are loved, indeed! How heartwarming to see the thoughtful and cheerful gifts pouring in.
    Toes are still painted here, too! In need of a refresher admittedly, this afternoon!
    Rachel and Greta

  7. My toes are still painted too! A miracle for me. Love all the goodies, lots of love from everyone isn't it? That Horsey shows up in the darndest places doesn't he??

    Lots of love from the North Country..

  8. PS.
    If you are still looking for "C" word for your box, how would "Connection Collection " be?

  9. Hi Annie, so pleased to see the coconuts arrived in one piece. When we get home we will be looking for dog sitters again and if you want a big holiday our house in Samoa has plenty of room for the whole tribe. Thinking of you all.

    1. I do hope that means you got custody of deedee the doglet!

  10. p.s we are here until December now, but I should be home in the next month or so, Sonny needs an ENT appointment, he does love to swim.

    1. Yay! There's a good one in our burb if you need an app't.

    2. He is going back to the guy who did the first job, hope he can fix it properly this time.

  11. In spite of it all, you make me laugh! What lovely presents.

  12. Your telling the kids that "lefty" went to live on a farm made me laugh. My landlady in Italy had had mastectomy years ago and when she was at the beach last year with her grandson he noticed for the first time that she had only one breast. 'Nonna! What happened to your breast?" he yelled? She was caught off guard and told him the first thing she could think of. "Mika ate it" ... Mika is their little dog. Now when anything goes missing he tells everyone that Mika ate it ... along with Nonna's breast. LOL


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