Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Looking for Angels- Part 1 (Susan's House)

This is Susan. We have known each other for a couple of decades and kind of encouraged each other to follow the art trail away from the less suitable jobs we found ourselves in back then. We hadn't seen  each other for a while- babies, travel, babies, house moves, babies... We kept in touch though and recently I took some of the children to see her last exhibition. She came around for lunch a couple of times and I finally got out to her new(ish) place today. Here she is surrounded by some of her artisticus Suse-icus. She said I could show you around.

Their house is seriously out in the bush. All you can hear in the front is the occasional whip bird.

Whilst  Susan was still on her way and Shorty slept in the car, I scouted the perimeter. Of course there is ceramic art everywhere as she is an accomplished and passionate artist in this medium.

I think these little fellas are jellyfish, just blobbing around on one of the decks.

The first thing she showed me was a cushion a friend had made out of printed fabrics and stitched indigo coloured cotton. It is a Japanese craft adapted to some modern Australian furnishings and fits into Susan's home beautifully.

Here is the man of the house in a self portrait with dog. It seems only creative people live in this house. Watch out Bill Robinson!

Susan's grandmother's furniture has been well loved and used. It all sits on a practical concrete floor which they are still deciding on a covering for. I kind of like the concrete!

Around every corner, pieces of Susan's voluptuous organic forms sit within their home like pot plants or umbrellas sit in most others.

The work is on on walls, tables, benches, nooks and crannies. I'm only showing you the tip of the iceberg here, people! Do you love these robust lotus pieces!


After eating, chatting, drinking tea, negotiating the teething, stroppy toddler, we went down to her STUDIO (yes, the lucky possum has one!), and I got some serious shed envy. These marching mangroves were favourites of mine at the exhibition. I love how they are popping their heads out of the paper as though they are growing toward the light in the window.

I'm not sure what she has planned for this little 'vinaigrette' of goodies and cast offs. It's unknown future appealed to me.

By the window was a great tablescape, a cornucopia of mouth watering found and made objects, many from her last series of installations.

Just as I was going toward the car she led me down a narrow space between the kiln shed and the studio.

And there he was! Painted by Susan's son, there was yet another angel, albeit a very funky one.

                                       I tell you those suckers are EVERYWHERE lately!!!


  1. I am drooling. What an amazing artist. What a treat it must have been to wander about such a creative treasure trove.

  2. I'm enchanted by your friends creations.
    It truly sent thrills down my spine.
    Susan lives in a house dedicated to ceramic muses.
    The whole family !!
    What a joy.

  3. You go get yourself a studio Annie......you deserve it!!! I am sure the big fella can whip one up for you!!!

  4. How wonderful to be surrounded by such talented and artistic friends! xx

  5. I am looking at the wonderful artworks again because they are so captivating. I love the marching mangroves. I have always been fascinated by the strength of mangroves, obviously as I have a million photos of them.

  6. Susan has some amazing pieces of work. I love the mangroves and all the work on the table with the lotuses.

    I agree. You need your own studio. Maybe under the house ... that way you can stay home and look after Shorty and pick up the kids etc, while you can create, but not have to pack everything away.

    Life's too short not to have one.

  7. Call me crazy, but I honestly think these modern guardian angels are sending a positive message to you right now. Embrace them and take comfort from them.
    A similar thing once happened to me (not angels - and its a long story)but sometimes I dont think it was co-inicidence if you know what you mean.

  8. What a fantastic place. Your friends are all angels, I think.

  9. A real treasure trove of work - I love it all. And to find the angel too - I agree with Sophie, not a coincidence! Axxx

  10. Oh arty creative friends, what a blessed distraction for you. Could not find any angels but I did rustle up one very lucky sea cucumber. melx

  11. Maybe you could nip out to Sue's occasionally and make in her studio? I remember her, fab artwork, thanks for the tour.


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