Friday, April 13, 2012

'Allo, Sunshine

The very elegant and organised Bron from Baby Space has passed on this Sunshine Award to me. Being still quite new to Blogdom I am unsure about bloggy etiquette so I will answer the same questions she did. We could do with a little more sunshine around here! I've included a few links to older posts in case you're new so you can see who was here before the big 'C' turned up.

Favourite Colours:
I love them all but have a core set of the ol' red, turquoise and yellow. They just feel cheerful!
Favourite animals:
I am strangely irritated and enchanted by our chooks although I have not been spending as much time with them as I once did. If they could just wear little frilly poo pants and self launder they would be the best critters ever. They are entertaining, greedy, rude, a bit simple, ungainly and endearing and they pay their way with lots of eggs. I also love the seals who pop their heads up and look at you as you pass in Scotland and aardvarks because I love the word, 'aardvark', and how they look like a Lewis Carole invented species.
Favourite Non-alcoholic Drink:
Bickford's Ginger Beer Cordial. On a really stinking hot Brisbania day when water just isn't cutting it, this is a champion thirst quencher plus the kids don't like it so there is always some left for me. Of course there is always tea. Love it, couldn't bear to live without it. Tea was the first thing I asked for after the surgery and my babies' births and every other occasion as well. English Breakfast, white and half a sugar. Thank you. Now you'll be ready.
Facebook or Twitter:
Haven't got time for either. I occasionally flick a look at Facebook but it doesn't engage me like a good blog. Twitter is a thing I look at to see where my son's cricket matches are on. Enough!

Favourite number:
I have always loved '7' and really didn't intend to be in a family of seven. I just find even numbers a bit too tidy. Prime numbers have a little more anarchy about them. They will not be divided up and that is it! I also like how seven is tall and proud. Chest out, shoulders back, it's a brave and perky number.
Day of the week:
Wednesday has always been my favourite. It has the least commitments to sport and school. I have recovered from the week end and don't need to get ready for the next one yet. It is the hump, the breather, the island of quiet in the week although that may change now with chemo being booked for Tuesdays. That's why I chose Tuesdays though so I could be sick and quietly at home alone on Happy Hump Wednesday.

My Passions:
My family (immediate and extended), making things, late afternoon light on my kids on the beach, newborns (save me!), taking photos, early dawn light on my kids on the beach, blogging, teaching art to kids who are passionate about making it, op shop treasure hunting, GOMA loitering, looking at the sea from the beach any time of day, baking on rainy days,
the colour of the sky in this part of the world.
Getting or Giving presents:
I will say I love to give presents because you are supposed to. It's especially nice giving a gift when you know it is something they have waited for and wanted and I've made it myself. I made a few paintings for my godson and Lala's best friends one year and Lala was hinting and commenting about how she didn't have one. I painted one based on a picture she had seen and liked. That gift felt good. Having said that, I love receiving gifts when they just nail you and make you realise how well the giver knows you. I have received some beauties in the last weeks. I'll do a post on them because they deserve a whole dedicated bunch of their very own words.
Favourite Pattern:
I love that big flowery Marimekko print that looks like it was drawn with fat blue nikko. It is called Siirlolapuutarha Blue. No I can't even say it. I looked it up to see what it was called. I also like Warwick's Darjeeling in Spring and wish I had covered my gossip chair with it when I was last pregnant. I was going through a Betty Beige phase related, I'm sure, to being hormonally rendered a non-risk taker. Usually I just end up with red spotty patterns on everything though. It may be from living in the farmhouse but it is very cheerful- like the sunflowers.
Which brings me nicely to...
My Favourite Flowers: At the moment they are sunflowers. My beautiful sister Kath turned up with these amazing double sunflowers the day after my surgery and they lasted the full nine days I was in. They are stunners and I am going to try and propagate the seeds. There have also been the delightful red gerberas, red cyclamen, lilac tulips, roses, strylitzias, it's been a riot of colour and love. Never have I had so much pleasure from flowers as in the last weeks.
That all seemed a tad narcissistic and boring but if you got this far I'll pass this Sunshine torch onto two women who have sent a lot of sunshine my way of late. They are two of my chilluns godmother's and old dear friends. One is Julie from Boulevade of Bumps who is a newby blogger/ adventurer, living a sea change in Samoa with her young family. The other is my blog guru, Anna, from Shiny Happy Art, the curator of the rainbow toenail collection and artist and domestic goddess extraordinaire. They live in happy places and will make you feel good when you visit.
See you there.


  1. Have a 'sunshiney 'day Annie................x

  2. That's a lovely post Annie. Now I know the real you! ;)

    1. Probably not much you didn't already know, deb. we go back a way now!

  3. I was wondering about you and how you are doing. The nailpolish is still on my toes ...

    All the best for you and your family


  4. Not in the slightest boring. Lovely choices. Funnily enough, my favourite number is 7. I love the way you described it!

  5. It's true what they say, whatever you need you'll find someone happy to sell it to you ...

    Just not in red, turquoise or yellow, although they do appear to have a sunflower print ;D

    Hope the sun keeps shining on you Annie. Like Regula I think of you every time I see my toes x

  6. It's true what they say, whatever you need you'll find someone happy to sell it to you ...

    Just not in red, turquoise or yellow, although they do appear to have a sunflower print ;D

    Hope the sun keeps shining on you Annie. Like Regula I think of you every time I see my toes x

    1. Why didn't we think of that? Do you seriously think they sell any?

    2. Well I found them mentioned on a forum having, purely out of curiosity, Googled chicken panties, and yes the lady concerned had bought a pair for each of her girls. Y' know what they say ... it takes all sorts to make a world!

  7. I love everything about this Post!

    It's so great to see you back here in this little space of yours and I'm so happy that you are back at home with your family and that the surgery was a success and you are recovering OK.

    Like others, I'm thinking of you all the time too.

    Mel x

    PS That last Post with the boys hanging out the washing - pure Gold!!!

  8. Wow for the precious blogger.
    Wow for the sunflowers.
    Wow for this touching post .
    Wow for the supportive, loving family.
    With love and prayers.

  9. Ah! This will have to be my next topic, although I doubt very much that mine will be as poetic and vibrant as yours... just have to finish editing 12 brochures...

  10. ha! I felt the same way about mine being narcissistic and boring, your answers are definitely not. a million of my best for Tuesday Annie.

  11. I am having trouble accessing cyberspace from Samoa and so have missed a few posts, so lovely and thanks Annie for the Sunshine. A am so lucky for my beautiful friend. I miss you.

    1. Right back at you, honey! I look. Forward to your Sunshine Post from Julie of the sunshine coast. Love Annie x

  12. I love your post name. Yes loving you sense of humor. Thanks for sharing, I will follow on my way out so I know the path back to your special place. I hope you will find the time to come visit me soon and do the same. I look forward to supporting and engaging together. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  13. There's a lot to be said for minutiae. I stare at the sky here all the time - it is so blue; with enormous low lying white fluffy clouds, almost as if you could swirl a stick in the air and grab pieces like fairy floss. I will check out your Samoan friend now.
    Good luck tomorrow. x

  14. Lovely post.
    Love the antics of chooks too, could watch them for hours. I miss ours.


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