Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Head Room

I want this on a T-shirt.... one with flattering gathers over the breastage area. My kids are hugging me a lot and I love it but they need a warning sign sometimes! All my other friends and family are giving me the gentlest hugs like I'm all precious and it's kind of nice!I'm not the only one who's fragile. There have been other casualties. There should be more nanna naps for everyone! I decree it!
At such times the troops have rallied and truly miraculous scenes have unfolded. The Big Fella observed a similarity between the 13 year olds and boa constrictors. I enquired if it was because they were cuddly and he answered that it was more about how they spend their whole day sleeping and eating. He says they appear, dishevelled and yawning to stare blankly into the fridge, until he throws some chicken legs toward them. Then they retreat back down to Boysworld to doze and digest further. This one looks quite repulsed by the tactile quality of wet washing but he warmed up....
and they got a system going. I RAN for the camera to record this most rare event. It's like that flower that blooms in the Amazon for five minutes every fifty years! They emerged, they hung laundry, they retreated.
Yesterday the Big Fella and I enjoyed a 'date' to the very well lit HOCA unit which is not as much fun as the hooka unit we attended together in Marrakesh. We got all the drum on chemo and hair falling out and took a stroll through the chemo 'boutique'. It was a bit like a hairdresser's (ironically) with people chatting and drinking tea. I can do that. He prefers going to Southbank I think.
Afterward we had a post- date tea at the Kim Walters Unit where I was introduced to the wig room. I seem to have ended up with a pixie crop of blonder dimensions than I might usually sport. I don't want to buy a wig for just 18 weeks so this one will do. I feel I may be more of a hat person. The generous and lovely wig librarian let me take some hats to try for bald, wintry months.
This little crochet number might be copy-able into rainbow stripes or some black and white or red and white- Dr Seuss meets Olivia!
Lala looks fabulous as a head model without red eyes and black circles. Yes I need more nanna naps too. She says I can wear any of these and she's okay with it...
but, under no circumstances am I to turn up at school pick up in the jester hat!


  1. Last photo. Made me laugh.

    I do like the series of 'Please, I may be bald, but I have calls to make' photos.

    I'm still reeling after seeing the boys-bringing-in-the-washing photos.

    My advice, start working on their CV's now.

  2. In my experience of the male childerbeast - extensive - this could be a ten-year event ... if you don't see further signs of laundry engagement in the near future you should watch closely around about their 23rd birthdays! Ironing is, sadly, not remotely likely until they are in pursuit of a mate ;D

    A gentle hug and a vote for the jester hat from afar x

  3. Ah you make me laugh! Just keep the jester hat for driving 'round the 'burbs.

  4. Absolutely priceless shot of the boys. Its good it is on record.
    I am also fond of the phone props used in the beanie shots, very natural.
    Anyway just in from work sitting here blogging to you instead of feeding the hungry ones.
    No doubt I'll be cooking one of the fast and furious favourites tonight from a personal favourite "101 meals to cook using mince."
    Did the "Big Fella" mention I have NOT done a meal drop off because it is KINDER for all that way. Somehow I am going to have to muster all of my limited culinary skills before Saturday to make "a jelly cake please Mum." I have googled jelly cakes but I think this has confused me even more. Whatever happened to the days you could use lamingtons like it was lego and constuct any sought of cake requested. From "Girl Wednesday"

  5. Priceless photos of clothesline assistance. What great helpers you have. Loving the telephone prop and the jester hat! ;)

  6. Love your positive attitude! The hats will be great - and I think you'll be getting some stunning hat-shaped gifts from your friends, so hope you realise you'll be expected to blog modelling pics galore ;)

    Why do menfolk think washing will dry itself without being spread out and pegged up??? But with a little more training they're looking promising... you've got a great tribe there! xx

  7. You've gotta love their throw n go approach to the washing. My male progeny #1 still, at the grand old age of 21, produces post line undies that look like shrink wrapped hankies. Ah well, any willing help is to be applauded in the male of the species. Lovely to hear your beautiful voice this morning. Mwah

  8. P.S. Just so you know the phone was authentic! I had been on hold to Centrelink for 40 minutes and was not giving up my place in their torturous queue so the Rad Hatter came to the rescue for the duration of the photo shoot!

  9. hello - popped over to say hello and wish you well (pals with Annie from knitsofacto and new friend claire from claireinstitches!) and what a lovely post! (was I expecting doom and gloom?)
    Anyway - love the hat pictures, love the fact the phone wasn't a prop (!), love your boys doing the washing (and it being worthy of a photo) and your writing style too.
    I also love the idea of painted toes as a supporting gesture.
    Whoa, there's alot of love in my comment!!! (and too many explanations marks, as always)
    Good luck with your recovery. My #2 had cancer as a child so we have some experience of the journey - albeit from a different persepective.
    (more) love, fee x

    1. Hey there Fee, you must have missed my toes post from a couple of weeks ago whilst you were on vacation because yes, I visit with Annie as well! ;-)

      So hey there Annie, so very fine to indeed hear your voice again! Now we can all send fun hats your way! :-)

  10. That was funny. I do like the wig though. THose boys hanging the wash! Save these photos for their weddings.

  11. I rather like the wig. Has a certain style.I had a wig once to wear when I needed a bit of hair grooming but didn't have the time.
    It left me to help my rugger-dugger sons in their videoing tragedies in the basement.
    Jester hat is a winner.
    And so is the little number preceding it.
    Rainbow one would win out in the end.
    Don't tell me they are ironing next!

  12. love all these photos...and those hats - delightful! x

  13. I greatly admire your brilliant sense of humour. Keep it going, it is good for you. :)

  14. Aaaargh, 40 minutes of hold music/recorded messages, good work holding on that long. Nice work from your wig and hat model, too. I think you need to wear the jester's hat, at least once.

  15. That wig reminds me of your hair, Cairns, circa 1990? I thought that first photo of Lala was trying to achieve the "friendly insurance call centre" look, but of course, in your home, the photo shoot invovled multi-tasking ;) Particularly like the stretchy, soft-toned-rainbow headdress. Looking forward to a cuppa on Monday x

  16. When my friend had chemo and all her hair fell out, she had at least 8 different wigs - an indulgence no one denied her. In the end, she went with a rather nice turban hat thing, rather like the next to last one and I wore one too to match. Very elegant. Axx

  17. I love the wig and the model, what about the jesters hat you made at college? Lovely boys give them all a bit squishy hug.


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