Monday, April 30, 2012

Rainbow Ripple

The rug formally known as 'Biopsy Blanket' was finished last week. 

Shorty is very happy with the result because it is HERS and nobody else has owned it previously.

 It is pleasant to lie on and wrap up in and drag around the house.


We have to learn to share it though as the next one might be a while in coming.
We shall call it 'Chemo Crochet' and it shall be Lala's friend.

A merry godmother's work is never done. Anna renamed the blanket 'Rainbow Ripple' and proceeded to knock up a pretty decent emergency spag bog with a frozen lump of mince and selected fridge accessories. Who looks this good after a day Facebook workshopping? Look at the grip on that spoon! Pound it, Anna!

One of Anna's favourite pastimes is putting chillun to bed. The self- bedder chose this friendly spot to curl up tonight.
Then we made each other very tired. It was loverly!

(P.S. For those who wanted to know, the 'recipe' for this blanket was from the Royal Sisters, I think. She calls it a 'chevron blanket'. It is one of those classic nanna patterns that my own Grandma and lots of others used to make a lot. They are still sprinkled throughout our large extended family bringing warmth and nanna love to  the offspring. The openness of the weave varies with the needle size. I didn't want it too thick living in Brisbania. This is a nice weight for here. I crochet all the ends in as I go without knotting so there is no finishing off although I may crochet a border onto it when I get some more wool.)


  1. Wowie, that is one awesome looking blanket: very lovely indeed! :-)
    But now I do have to ask you though: what on earth is a 'spog bog' or something like that???? ;-)

  2. it's gorgeous! the kiddos have a little vintage one that is nowhere near as fantastic in their room. love these pics.

  3. It was an absolute pleasure to be the Merry Godmother (hello Lairy!) and make gourmet bog for your tribe (secret ingredient - BBQ sauce), and talk til the wee hours. One day I will crochet myself one of those wonderful, renameable blankies, and I shall trim it in Series 9 Pyrolle Red and use it to warm my rainbow toes.

    I do declare there may be an opening for a spag bog recipe on here...

  4. A newbie here, Annie!

    That gorgeous Liberty print top, highlighted in your previous post, is currently on sale on-line for $50.00 - go on! reduced from just under $300.00.

    Just love the blanket, and I suspect that you're kinda alright as well.


  5. Gorgeous blanket!! Nothing like a chat into the small hours.

  6. Love the blanket, though agree with Anna's choice of name in preference to its original title! Special people deserve special friends and I can see you have them. Axxx

  7. Rainbow Ripple is divine!! I say, DIVINE! Nicely done.

  8. I love your Rainbow Ripple. That Anna is a keeper, isn't she? Can't wait to see the next blankie.

  9. Okay, so shorty's short, yes? But that ripples still has to be *huge*! Nice one :D

  10. Don't the youngest in the family just love to have something non-pre-loved! Rarely happens around here. Love the rug, I just might learn me how to crochet this Winter.

  11. Outstanding, our own Rainbow Warrior woman!
    Just perfect for life.
    Santa Anna also doing her merry thing.
    Agree with Deb - another life keeper.

  12. The blanket looks fantstic as did Anna after her facebook workshop. So girls do we or should we clarify what spag bog is? That is, a part from being every domestic goddess's saviour who has a tribe of hungry children standing in the kitchen with little time and mince in the freezer? Let's face it there is no real recipe is there because it always varies depending on what's in the vege crisper. Anna I have never put barbecue sauce in it yet. But alas there will be future opportunities.
    As for the last blog I don't know what they were thinking, definitely stick to inside out mags.

  13. Oh Annie looking at that rainbow ripples just give me pure joy. What a fanastic release of creative and calming energy in a very intense time in your life. Now, what crochet project is next ?, you need something for chemo calming.Ps you must buy that liberty top in the sale as directed. melx

  14. I love the nanna ripple deluxe blanky - a present manifestation of wonderful, warm, snuggly nostalgia.

  15. I love the nanna ripple deluxe blanky - a present manifestation of wonderful, warm, snuggly nostalgia.

  16. Love your blanket! It reminds me of the ones my grandma used to make, only your colors are better. ;-)

  17. Exquisite! Simply beautiful. Good friends are worth their weight in gold.


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