Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cafe d'Artistica

 Sometimes when small people display a reluctance to eat the food prepared lovingly by their elders, one must enforce cunning measures to get it into them. Enter, the Fisher Price cash register! That stalwart of the F.P. aisle has not changed in years ands lasts forever although the money tends to disappear from the set. That must be the inherent F.P. life lesson.
"My would like one piece of apple please, shop lady."

 Sometimes a little role reversal is involved. The word spreads quickly when a decent food establishment opens. It attracts all types.
Note how the dome- headed rugby warbler is attracted by the food.

This cafe does not offer asparagus and honey sandwiches. Best not to confuse the staff.

Give me all of your money.....

 and I will give you a sandwich fit for an eleven year old food vortex.

The proprietors of food establishments must be ever watchful for marauding ninja types. They get hungry too you know.


  1. Asparagus and Honey sandwiches indeed! She certainly does look confused.
    How are you feeling Mama?

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a tablecloth on your island bench (if, that is what I think I'm looking at). Lovely game. Hope it lasts!

  3. Do we have a budding accountant?
    O dear! Definitely looks as if B1 or B2 is in growth spurt mode.
    Lock the frig.

  4. We have the same FP register and it gets alot of love at our place too. Love the life lesson about the coins though, to true and we are already missing some from ours. melx

  5. Playing shops to get the to eat - love it! Not sure if I'd be ordering a honey and avocado sandwich myself...

  6. I too had to do a take two at the cloth on the island bench.

    It was only Wednesday that I tried to clean my youngest's room only to find monopoly money in all soughts of hidey holes.

    I like the fact that real food was being served it beats cracking a tooth on yet another "dough creation". Not to mention the eye shadow and felt pens dissolved in water then boiled up in the play kettle and then there is also the shaved crayons as sprinkles on imaginary cakes.I really should try and harness her food creativity into something edible. That sounds like a job for Nanna.

  7. How are you feeling? Like a honey and asparagus sandwich?

    That shop keeper does look cranky! I like her. I bet she's got a baseball bat under the counter in case she gets robbed. And she won't be afraid to use it, by the looks!

  8. On the contrary I'm hoping Imogen will develop a reluctance for eating. Maya is adorable.


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