Thursday, May 31, 2012

Frida Kahlo and the Nutty Goodness.

(Does this title sound like a girl band to you?)

Last week when I was sleeping a lot and not at all interested in food, I had a sudden overwhelming craving for pine nuts - toasted - preferably in the context of this tabouli recipe. It was like those ridiculous cravings people get on sit coms and bollywood movies. (I like to be eclectic in my viewing tastes.)
Wednesday I was meant to be resting while the Big Fella took Shorty to work but I was STARVING and had to have a very exact series of ingredients. Sometimes you can only trust yourself. I showered and changed and drove shakily but with intent purpose to Aldi. Having thought about the process the night before I knew Aldi would be the quickest way in and out. The trip took 15 minutes. I was REALLY starving.

So this is a recipe post except I lost the recipe years ago when this was a favourite pregnancy dinner. It was a Marie Claire one I think. Consequently the quantities are up to your good selves.
First you toast those divine blonde babies till they are good and golden in a non-stick pan. This bit was like nirvana. The smell, the colour!!!

 Now moving on. Squeeze a whole lemon because I like it lemony. Blue nails optional.

 Pan fry the chicken pieces. I asked the butcher to chop the bits up because I couldn't look at/ touch/ smell raw meat. They got dumped in the pan and I only peeked when it smelt cooked.

The tabouli has been soaking in boiling water for a while so you can fluff it up with a fork now. This could work with quinoa for a gluten free version. I am a lapsed coeliac by the way.

 Combine the pine nutty, lemony, grainy bits.

Toss in some chopped baby toms.

 You can put in whatever greens you have but I turned to the Ring of Wire for mine. We found basil, ethiopian spinach, rocket and thyme. That spinach plant came from Northy St farm two years ago and just keeps going despite drought or rain or neglect.

 Then you mix it all up and savour the goodness. This was, of course a re-enactment as I was beyond photos in last week's pine nut feeding frenzy. I just made it and ate it again today for you in a much more leisurely manner.

Bonus of the Day arrived as I sizzled the chook today in the form of this rather quirky card from Anna. Ms Kahlo looks quite dour and peaky. Maybe she's got a skinful of the drug that makes me glow like a toffee apple. Ms Kahlo apparently had much healthier follicles than I am presently experiencing.

It came with a rather pretty new phone cover which looks like a Rainbow Lorikeet to me. Anna made it herself, clever clogs! There may a bedside vinaigrette developing here, people.


  1. Yummo, that recipe looks good.
    And love the rainbow lorikeet case, lucky you.

  2. Oh that looks ever so delish!

  3. I think you've just passed your craving onto me! That looks absolutely delicious.

    Also I hope you're going okay. Sending you good vibes in this comment. xx

  4. It looks so delicious. I need a bite to eat right away.

  5. Oh that looks delicious! It must be good to warrant such feats to get it!

  6. I must admit that truly understanding an Australian English text can be a challenge at times. I don't like to pretend that I get something, when I don't have a clue. However, even I understood right away that your Nutty Goodness was something I couldn't ignore. Edda and I have examined every picture thoroughly, and the husband just declared that we will be making this during the weekend. Hope we can find the tabouli in this land of potatoes (and I will have to try to forget that I'm a vegetarian). I will let you know how it all went :)
    Love in June (<-- that could be a girl band too)

  7. I remember visiting you and marveling as you whipped this up. Looks yum. I am always impressed when people cook healthy food. All I actually want to make is cake. Also glad you like hairy frieda.

  8. That looks really yummy. You must have had some craving to get yourself to the store! You are a tower of strength and I love your new vinaigrette (and Anna too of course).

  9. Definitely sounds like a band name :)

  10. I love the Frieda print quite seriously and have two placed strategically in an old window frame ( minus the speech bubble) on the way into my kitchen. I'll email you a photo in time.
    Heres to you, pine nuts one week, whatever will you crave next? tins of grated beetroot!

  11. Love the immediate response to cravings.
    Heart warming and nutty fodder.
    Missed the egg addition however.
    I remember this sign on all the double decker buses in London- Go To Work On An Egg.

  12. Howd'y Neighbour, Your nutty chicken delight had me salivating over the keyboard. I make a similar one with lots of finally shredded mint, lemon, peas, couscous and chicken. Glad your making those cravings work for all of us... Hugs, LG

  13. Yum! I'll have mine without the chicken please. A light dusting of Parmesan wouldn't go amiss though ;D

    Is it just me or do Frieda's eyes follow you if you step away from the computer?

    I can think of a better band name by the way: Frida and The Nutty Goddess (that would be you ;D) Gosh I hope that translates from English to Australian English without becoming insulting!

  14. Can I say that you have very sophisticated cravings. When I was pregnant I actually was overcome by a craving for a fillet-o-fish burger from maccas and drove 15 minutes from home to get one only discover that fish, cheese and mayo is a truly hideous combination that did not for one second ease my constant all day nausea.
    your recipe looks delicious and you are so fortunate to have such arty friends with wonderful taste. melx


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