Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things that make you go Hmm!

Sometimes when I scroll back through the photos on my phone, there are little surprises. Small but vivid bright spots appear in unexpected guises. Like Maria von Trappe I would like to share with you some of my favourite things over the last couple of days.
Spending a lot of time horizontal, at home and in the hospital, I always get a small internal chuckle at the toenails. Friends keep topping them up when they get shabby so they might be around for a while.

Milk was the most fabulously delicious thing this week only beaten to first place by a delirious craving for pine nuts on Tuesday. That's another story on its own. Water and tea taste pretty ordinary but milk is nectar of the gods. The taste buds are having a crazy party.

I love finding these adorable reminders of less lanky kids. This photo and a few others of a sevenish Fishy boy appeared on my phone photos but I don't actually know how he put them there. Why are they better at using my phone than me?

This one loves that I'm on the bed a lot, a captive audience, not 'too busy' for a change. Her pile of books beside the bed is overtaking mine but her concentration is vastly superior. If she could just stop bouncing on the mattress while I'm seasick...

I know I've mentioned it before but it's the nape of the neck. I'm a sucker for it. They got me at the newborn stage with it and I never recovered. The post kindy, skewiff pigtails just add to the achingly kissable quality of that special mama spot.

As do the pouty, sleeping baby lips. I'm still lying there watching them sleep after thirteen years of baby addiction. The big boys think its creepy. Suck it up, boys. Mother is a little sentimental at the moment.

A friend dropped in this lusciously creamy organic soap that she had bought from the markets for me. It was the crinkly paper that early gave me pleasure though. I think it was baking paper that had been softened and scrunched till it became quite tactile. The drugs haven't made the nails radioactive but can make them light sensitive so they go black and flaky. Mmmmm! Opaque polish is the answer so I thought I'd go a bit Lily Allen. Red fingernails have never suited me and this aqua shade matches the doona cover which is, after all, my primary fashion accessory of late.

Thursday there was a successful visit to the Wesley. I left Doctor Gentle with a grin on my face for possibly the first time ever. Whites cells are go and my body is starting to come to the party at last! Plus they give you free reiki, Indian head massage and reflexology sessions to recover from a morning of needles and chest flashing. Those Choices people make it just a little bit nice to be in this club.

Even the very confused Brisbane trees were getting in on it. Its Autumn for g'ness sake. Note the wee Rapunzel tower over the river. I stared at it a lot when I was in the 'good' room in the hospital. I may take some wee uns to check it out more closely.

 Reflexology was the treatment of the day which sent me into a deep sleep only to wake myself with one loud embarrassed snore. Next day the little sister came to work on my hooves with some delicious organic goodies from her trove. It was a bit Mary Magdalene- in a good way. That would be 'Martha' being busy with buttons in the back room behind her.

 Eventually she took on the apprenticeship with gusto and we found her later with her feet in a box in her room giving herself an air pedi. I'd best keep her in training! Who gives you a pedi when you need some sole comfort?


  1. Your photographs and words you find for them are beautiful. I still have my toenails painted. Whenever I see them I think of you.

  2. Really lovely, positive post. You've got it exactly right. Well done!

  3. Hey you. Must be time to redo my toes.

  4. OH that baby soft hair, and soft skin behind the necks..I can so relate to that beautiful spot just right for snuggling and kissing....I'll sing it till the cows come home, those chidlets are the best (Saw a beautiful rainbow on drive home from school today, thought of you...)

  5. Please show us your croppy choppy haircut! Btw, I do look like a bit Catholic iconography in that photo - spooky. x

  6. You amaze me. Your positivity is so infectious, I feel like laughing at your post but I hop that's what you're aiming for - because i'm still sad you have to go through all this. God, I'm so glad someone else still smells their kids when they are asleep- I feel like a freak, but am so addicted to Miss 8 I actually carve her baby good smell. Sleepovers are a nightmare for me!

  7. I love this post. You're doing so well! Counting your blessings amidst the chaos. Love to you and your 'team'.

  8. The napes of their necks always got me too.

    I've got alternating red, white and blue toenails this week (Sally did them for me) ... not quite a rainbow but I still think of you every time I see them :D

  9. Gently, gently does it.
    Another rainbow here yeterday.
    Thoughts were with you.

  10. My nails need redoing so badly, and I'm thinking I might have to go into one of those mani/pedi places and ask them to do it for me (my feet seem so far away these days) because the heels need serious attention too... but what will they say when I tell them I need rainbow colours and will until about December at least? Love that your fingernails match your bed. Love you. And my Goddaughters neck... honestly, I think I write longer comments on your blog posts than my own actual blog posts.


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