Sunday, May 13, 2012

This Mother's Day

This Mother's Day is the first Mother's Day of the rest of my life. I didn't expect too much. We've been busy. However, it turned out to be up there with the Great Mother's Day of 2004 when I got up to a floral bath, music, mags, coffee and he took the wee-uns to the park for a couple of hours. Bliss!

Today was different as they were all there right from the start. I didn't want them anywhere else. 

 There may have been unflattering moments. Those are 'loser ' signs they are making over each others' heads. Breakfast in bed was quick as they wanted to unload their Mother's Day booty.

Lala found a chocolate bunny stashed in her undie drawer so they got choc chip pancakes/pizzas. 

Sitting out the front with a cup of tea, I ran my fingers over some of the booty including Lala's magic rocks and listened to them laughing and playing in the sun and considered it is really not about what you GET but rather what you have already GOT on Mother's Day.

 It is about how turquoise op shop beads pop against pink tutus,

how a little background music can be quite pleasant on a Sunday morning,

 how it is SO nice to have kindy art back in the house after so long (and only from one child at a time),

 how a sand pit is almost as good as a dog,

how a backyard that accommodates simultaneous rugby, sand baking and tree climbing is more than adequate,

how frangipani trees against a blue sky are a good enough reason on their own to buy an old farmhouse,

 how sand cake garnished with chook feather and a poufette of rhoeo leaves is best presented with the homemade ninja weaponry of choice,

how Maisy Mouse and the Big Fella will never get old,

 how High Tea at the local soccer club is like supper at Versailles when you are with good company,

 how little girls will always love Bananas in sleepwear even on an i-phone,

and how rice makes dinner for five become dinner for nine in a trice and watching them all eat it from outside as the husband patiently waits tables is possibly the best mothers' day gift of all...

 (except for maybe busting a possie of small fry watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua in the dark in our bed).


Finally I had a late tea with my funny, bossy, ever-loving mother who had nine children at the table EVERY night and giggled whilst she tossed chicken wings to us and put mislabelled Gravox in the chocolate pudding and always gave the boys the big Corelle plates and taught us to laugh at ourselves and with each other.
It just doesn't get much better than that.

Happy Mother's Day to all and to all a Good Night!


  1. A beautiful, love-filled, grateful and generous post, Annie. Happy Mother's Day. You absolutely deserve it. Axxx

  2. What a lovely post once again and you are so right in saying' it doesn't matter what you get, what matters is what you already have'! :-)

  3. I loved this post too. You're so right ... it's not what you get but what you have. You have it all!

  4. That's lovely! You're so right. I forgot to mention in your last post that photo of you with your new hairdo and sunglasses makes you look like the Australian Posh Spice. Just sayin'.

    1. Looking like Posh might be a bit scary. Back for more hair lopping ASAP!

  5. Heartfelt post Annie :]

    The rainbow toe revolution is spreading. Check out my friend Karen's blog for the latest. The "whippet purple" toes will surely make you laugh hehehehe

    1. Go girls! Do send them onto Anna at Shiny Happy Art or via the original post as she is doing something clever with them.
      Thanks again, neighbour.

    2. :]

      Will do~!

      Thinking of you darl

    3. Ok emailed Anna but have not heard back from her as yet so hope she got my email AOK.

      Here is the link for my rainbow toes just in case she missed it.

  6. I loved all that I already had yesterday too.....its the only way to be...x thanks for sharing your gorgeous kids and your special day together............Suzanne

  7. Your Day could not have been any better.
    So , thank you for letting us be a part of it.
    Your post made warm inside but nearing tears at the same time.
    I meant to mention before my admiration of your new hair cut.
    I DO miss those times with all the childer in bed with me.
    But thanks again, for the memory.
    ( Sounds like a song coming on.)

    1. You must have generously shared your busy tear duct gene with your daughter!
      A childer to snuggle is a fine thing in the cold mornings.

  8. Oh, Annie, you write so beautifully. It must be because your heart is filled with love. I would like to say that I visit you; sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry. Most often, I can't find any words that seems... enough. Me, who can talk anyone to sleep. So from the other side of the planet, I reach out and give you my biggest, warmest hug, a kiss on the cheek and a promise not to stop thinking of you.
    Much love,

    1. Lilli, your words are always such perfect, light touches of truth. It is lovely to hear them every time.

  9. It doesn't get much better than that :)

  10. Wonderful pics of your kids, our kids and your Mum! Paula said only a month ago that you are the yardstick by which she measures every inch of her mothering. You are mine too. And that's enough said. Love you.

  11. First off, your mother is gorgeous! The things you said about her made me wonder what my kids will say about me. makes me want to be better, try harder.
    And your mothers day looked absolutely perfect. you captured the moments that deserve to be remembered and cherished, simple ones. The turquoise necklace on pink! So beautiful. And Beverly HIlls Chihuahua, they couldn't choose a worse movie ( I know), and your boy playing piano, the pancakes, how perfectly you captured your day! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Gorgeous post and great pics Annie. So much love in that old farmhouse of yours.

  13. What a perfect day with all the kidlets around. Isn't all this glorious sunshine and blue skied business good for the soul? melx

  14. Thinking about you. I think we all are. Hope the next few days are bearable.

  15. Looks like the perfect Mothers' day. Your new haircut looks great, too.

  16. Looks like the perfect Mothers' day. Your new haircut looks great, too.

  17. Blessed. I've bought a house because of its garden before.

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