Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Down by the River- Part 1

Sunday we went to find the red Rapunzel tower that had been spotted and gazed at from my room in the hospital. Sunday marked the start of the good week (out of the three) so I determined to make it so. I had been feeling a bit like Rapunzel, without the hair, stuck in my suburban tower for the last two weeks.

The  tower was easy to find as was the good riverside bike track...and some tiny, silver, dead fish being hoarded by a crane.

So we sat and looked at the fish and contemplated what else might live in the great, grey, greasy waters of the lazy Brisbane River. It reads better when you say "lazy Limpopo" and you are Jack Nicholson.

Of course we had to hold and examine the dead fish.

Then we studied the mangroves and contemplated what might be living in the mud...

and held and examined the mangrove fruit. Look at that grubby hand! We like to get dirty on a field trip.

There was free wheeling for all while I sauntered along with tag- along Tess on her tiny trike.

If there are Morton Bay Figs trees this lot will be up them in a trice. You have to love those fig trees. 

This B2 boy has been most loving and  gentle to me of late. He stood beside me in the setting sun and we took photos of our long shadows together then he made this one. I think I love this photo.

As the sun set in the western suburbs over the Wesley hospital and the 'good' room we mooched home and it felt good. The five chillun and I went out for a picnic with wheels and survived- even enjoyed ourselves! It felt like me again even if it is one week in three. It is something to look forward to!

Oh, and I got the last haircut yesterday just in time because last night my hair hurt. Seriously, hurty hair follicles! Who knew? So I had a shower at midnight and towelled it dry and went back to bed. I had forgotten how easy short hair is. Imagine how easy bald will be!


  1. I love the shadow photo too. And short hair is so easy... I wonder what skin will feel like with a colourful winter beanie on? Happy rest of week. grace

  2. Admittedly, bald does seem easy for my husband.
    Here's hoping third weeks roll around quickly for you.
    Gotta love that B2.

  3. those sweet children of yours. You look beautiful.

  4. Hello again! Liking the haircut- think you should go pink or something cool before it goes, pink hair must hurt less surely? Love the heart photo and get a rope for that tiny trike- they go fast if you can pull them along!Your gang are gorgeous, enjoy every scrap of every good week you get. melx

  5. I love your hair! Imagine your hair hurting, ouch!

  6. I love the freewheeling photo. And that sunset ... ahhh. It seems that "good" is a heightened state of good in your life at the moment. Love and blessings xx

  7. You do more cool stuff with your kids in one day than I do with mine in a month. I'm going to take a leaf out of your book - and mirror your good week with a good week up here as well. Love that you're still smiling while your hair is hurting.

  8. What a nice field trip with your beautiful brood. And you are looking quiet beautiful yourself.

  9. B2 said it all.
    Your suffering hair looks great with the new style.
    And you look smashing.
    What a perfect day.
    May week 3 be easy peasy.

  10. Annie you have a seriously good face and head. You rock every hair do! Gorgeous woman!
    Hurty hair follicles?!
    B2 shadow photo made my eyes well.

  11. Oh B2. What a precious thing. I'd be blowing up that photo.

    You're looking great. One week at a time. I might get my hair cut short too. Not as short as yours will end-up being.

    Sore hair follicles must be pretty bad. Chin up.

  12. That B2 shadow photo is just perfect, who couldn't love it. And honestly you look great ... you are going to rock whatever head wear style you decide on in the weeks ahead x

  13. Oops, hit post too soon ... ouch at the ouchy hair follicles :( Hugs x

  14. what a beautiful day to remember. A good reminder to do something similar with mine. B2's hand/heart photo is too special. Hope the Ouchy hair follicles all disappear with the next hair cut - which by the way you rock that style, will be just as cool.


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