Monday, May 7, 2012

Baking in the Sun

Sunday was one of those glorious May days we get here in Brisbane. While we mooched in our flannelette jamies, a bit of nanna-esque crochet happened after these tasty morsels appeared on the Royal Sisters. It's one of her free by PDFs and if you have a tea party loving toddler on board and enjoy a bit of hooking magic, these are a winner! (Bungalowgirl, these belong on your teaset!) They are simple little crochet discs sewn together  to make macaroony, whoopee pie-ish cookie things. There are five discs in each cookie. 

 I may need some pistachio coloured wool for the next batch, being a bit partial to the ol' pistachio macaroonski.

You can serve them up with air tea,

fake eat them (try not to overact),

stack them with a friend

or, as discovered by my lovely assistant, stick pins in them

and make very jolly little pincushions (a.k.a. birthday cakes).

The pins were a small indulgence from Typo on the last post- doctor therapeutic visit to DFO.

The cloth was also run up Sunday morning between cookies. I found the fabric at Spotlight Saturday. Sunny isn't it!?

Meanwhile other crochet projects have been multi- tasked as well. Rainbow igloo, anybody?


  1. I need to learn to crochet. The macaroons are so very sweet, and they sure seem popular in your household. x

  2. Ooh, I love your pins! Bizarre, as I can't sew a stitch...but I'm sure these could be a good incentive. Your macaroons look delicious - no, can't be overacting, they look that good to me. And your cloth and sunny photos are beautiful - cheered me up this chilly morning. Axxx

  3. What are you sewing? Oh, is it the table cloth? I love it! I sew miss being at home all day, every day. Such bliss.

    I really need to pull the crochet chain out of the basket where I left it. Why is crochet so hard? You make it look easy!

    This blog post made me laugh because it was written just how you speak. Funny.

    Get to the damn chemo already!

  4. How cute are those little bickies! Just what you need for a fancy pants tea party... I have seen crocheted tea sets before somewhere, they would go well together. Looks like your keeping yourself very preoccupied with your crochet! I do love your rainbow rug. Hope your keeping well :)

  5. I would like to see a kaftan made out of those crochet discs I think... you're a clever beaver. Wonder where Shorty gets the acting bug from?

  6. Oh Annie...they are just gorgeous...
    I love seeing the amazing colours you have used...and delighted to see the kids enjoying them...
    Pincushions are a great idea...I didn't even think of that...
    I will be sharing your post on it is so lovely to see what you have done...
    Regards my dear...

  7. What a feast of colour. the whoopies, the tablecloth, the pins. Love it all. Must see if that crochet is within my capabilities. melx

  8. Love your cookies. I wish I could crochet. My mum tried to teach me but all she could do was laugh at me. No chemo yet?

  9. Lovely zingy tablecloth.
    But the macaroons are a trifle chewy and stick in the teeth.

  10. Clever, clever, clever. I wish air tea (air hair and air baby washing) would catch on in these parts. I'm forever mopping up puddles.
    Fantastic print on the new table cloth.

  11. I do love a bit of felt or woollen food. I really need to learn to crochet.


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