Saturday, May 19, 2012

Slower Pace

Round One of Keeno has been slow. It is not a nice place but there have, of course, been lovely moments and colour always stands out so well against grey. A selected few out of towners have dropped in. Fortunately the first couple of days weren't as bad and they came bearing light, ranunculus, good cheer and gentle words. 

Not anticipating the flush of redness that had the whole family staring at me over the brekky table, I had already booked Natalie for more hair cropping.  This is the best photo I could manage although I do look like a bubble headed E T due to the unfortunate back lighting. Note the eyebrows hoisting the lids open before I flopped on the bed. One more crop to go ....

Others are experimenting with their looks as well. Remember 'heroine chic' and the 'waif'. We at the farmhouse like to describe this one as the Bosnian orphan look. The number of skirt layers varies according to the time one has to don them before being deposited. Thankfully kindy is an enormous hit with this one which has made things very easy.
Lying in bed and looking out at the mountains at the gorgeous Brisbania autumn, I am thankful that all this is happening at such a  gentle time of year. This is how I remember the English summers. The air is still and warm, just stirring the leaves and it is quiet and calm. Great weather for dozing.
It is so spring- like that even the frangipani is sending out new shoots? New life? Dare I see a sign?
So we mooch and rest and play together. There is a soft calm over the house perhaps from the visitors' light or from the inherent awareness that there is healing going on. 

We have snuggled and slept and shifted in some of our usual routines although a lot of them have just continued along.

The Big Fella has taken the Fantastic Four to the beach today to enjoy the weather and burn off some steam. The short one was determined to be included in the group today having been left last time.
They seem to be having a lovely time and Big Fella is keeping me in the picture so I can enjoy them enjoying it all. How can Autumn be so divine?
This one opted to stay behind to keep me company. He has put out some washing and keeps checking on me.  Cinders may have earned himself a nice- cream Sunday for Sunday lunch!


  1. Annie, you're becoming more beautiful with each hair-phase. I've no doubt radical, regular hair cuts and beach visits without you, and afternoon dozing, not to mention youngsters hanging washing weren't all marked on the 2012 planner earlier in the year.
    Hope you're okay. Bless the big fella and those gorgeous kids.

  2. Annie, all the little things make the world of difference.
    Wishing you well.

  3. ET didn't have hair and millions across the world, and the universe for that matter, loved him.

    Rest up, take it easy. You're surrounded by healing properties, I can see them in every photo. xo

  4. There is a beautiful, dozing calm about this post, Annie - I hope Keeno is being as gentle as possible on you whilst still doing his job. You look fine and delicate with your new hair. And the last photo brought tears to my eyes. Definitely a nice-cream gesture - just lovely.
    Lie back and get better.

  5. Frame that shot of the washing hanger outerer. Pure Gold. The hair is very pixie, I like it and you do have a very nice neck by the way.I think you can flaunt it. My neck is constantly hidden by a wild nest all the time no idea what it even looks like. Same as Liongirl who channels bosnian orphan with dreadlocks. Lately it is inappropriate short summer dresses, no sleeves at all and gumboots to go with the dreads. No prima ballerina material over here that's for sure!Enjoy all this lovely sunshine, very mellowing isn't it? melx

  6. I'm glad things are going well. Your son is a doll and he deserves an extra big ice cream. You're in my thoughts and prayers all the time. You go girl!

  7. Even the weather has fallen in with your need for gentle days. Angels and rainbows have your back Annie x

  8. You look feisty in your new hair cut.
    Sleeping away the day is perfect . A bit like hibernating .
    Life and love to you.

  9. The frangipani is the reflection of that glorious life that shines from you. I am inspired by you!

  10. Love the cut, love your words, you are reminding to be less busy and savour more. And yes, damn right that's New Life! Hang on tight, sweet cheeks. You'll make it through this.

  11. Brissy Autumn is a lovely time of the year, certainly the right time to be snuggling and resting, I can just see you there, crocheting your days away...Keep your feet up and your chin up Annie, it looks like the family are taking very good care of you. :) xo
    I love your new do...

  12. A short note from a non- blogger. i fell upon your blog. read your story. felt completely inspired and in awe. my mum is a bc survivor by 6 years and my aunty a bc survivor by 10. i see inspirational stories of survival all around me. you will get through this with love, light, nature, art and good energies. well done to you. i ran the mothers day run with my mum and aunty in the back of my mind and you in the front of my mind. i dont know you. but i wanted you to know from a distance i have prayed to the universe for a peaceful recovery for you. blessings. x jillian

  13. Washer boy is such a good boy. And the frangipani is one of my all time favourite flowers. Definitely a sign. Rest up. xxx

  14. photos on the beach with the children just lovely :) Hi.


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