Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Visitation( part two) or Eat, Play, Love

The following notes apply to parents and children alike.

Hanging around waiting for Barto. (Play)

Jumping for joy when they arrived. (Love)
Eating healthy and nutritious food at all times. (Eat)
Discussion and execution of paintings. Can you emulate my style? (Play)
Cackling with delight at the sheer fun of it all. (Play, love)
Feasting (some of us only visually) on the vibrant perfection of a red velvet whoopee pie! (Eat, love)
Staying up too late and getting a very disrupted night's sleep. (Play, love)
Looking tired but happy after a few successful projects and much conversation was achieved.
(Eat, play, love)

Observation of some fascinating local fauna. (Play?)
Always being cool. (Play!)
Catching up on sleep after it is all said and done. Thanks for a lovely visit, Anna! Your studio was a high point in the visitation. I can't stop thinking about it. Enjoy your workshop again today....


  1. Those two are such great little mates aren't they? I think it's cute how their friendship reflects that of their mothers'.

    Did you do any painting?

  2. We rearranged furniture, made tea and food, designed fabric (I watched), brainstormed a trillion ideas that may/ may not see light and cleaned up the girls' paint mess! So we were studio assistants more than practitioners with paint.

  3. What a lovely time was had by all! I like your version of eat play and love.

  4. It looks like a great time was had by all.
    Yumm that red velvet whoopie pie looks delish. x

  5. I think we need to figure out how to photoshop and put me in different clothes with a much thinner body... LOVED having you both to stay (your mini-vacation) and you are welcome any time! Somehow, despite achieving so much during your visit, I have even more to do now that you're gone!

  6. Looks like fun. Love the photo of the little one sleeping in the carseat in sunnies.

  7. Thanks for sharing your visit.
    Small stuff has cute friends.
    I see she got a further opportunity to line up the Smurfs etc.
    But that red-topped cake is repeating on me.

  8. Deb: I think our version is more realistic and more fun!

    Zara: I did not partake of that whoopee pie except with my eyes but it was eaten by a couple of very approving young 'uns.

    Anna: Imagine what we could do in a week!

    CC: KIds in sunnies- always a winner!

    DMC: I couldn't even bring myself to sample that vibrant confection but it was mighty pretty!


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