Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Visitation (part one)

The Divine Miss M and I decided to go away for a little overnighter. We went West, young man, looking for a lie down and some good conversation. It was about an hour and a half drive with the two year old chirruping away in the back all the way. Normally she sleeps but I muffed the departure time so she stayed awake and observed the road trip with me. I saw things that I have never noticed before because I was looking with her.

This bridge seems a bit incongruous in the middle of farm fields.
Pretty cows walking in a single file line- Flossie's idea of Heaven.
Bales of hay baking in the summer sun, all Van Gogh like.
One of the 'Bigs" that Queensland was once notorious for. It had recently had a good coat of scarlet paint and I do like the red against the blue sky. Nice colours for stools.
The Big Orange may be less spectacular than the elephant but I believe it is better known.
Jacaranda is even blooming in the bush up here now. I didn't know they were this abundant in the bush before.

On the last leg of the trip through Murphy's Creek, we got stuck behind this fellow. He kept me under the speed limit and allowed us to look at how that lovely little valley seems to have rebuilt since they were literally washed away in the big January flood.
Are we there yet?

Yes! And guess where we have come to stay?


  1. Gasp! What a surprise. I thought you two lived much closer.
    I have never seen a jacaranda tree before. Thank you.

  2. If Deb's going to thank you for a jacaranda tree photo, I think we can knock her socks off! (Cogs turning...)

  3. We drove out that way the other week and I marvelled at those rolls of hay, too.

    They did look very Nederlandish.

    Looks like an exciting escape ....


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