Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Stowaway and Bartlett's Booty!

Something big and green and furry came back with me from Anna's. I found it in a black garbage bag in the boot with a few other odds and ends. It was a bit like a sample bag from the Ekka. There was also this clever print kit of one of my favourite Anna paintings which I now have to make into something special for Floss- maybe for Christmas. I can't decide what to make yet- tote bag, cushion, softy or just to frame it...? There was also a great print on canvas which I love, a hand-me-down Dora t-shirt which Shorty loves, a car seat which I forgot to take out of the car...
and these Martha Stewartesque puffy things. Lala loves them. Apparently they are easy to make so I'm thinking a big bunch of red and green and white ones might work somewhere for the feisty season.
There was a bit of other stuff in the hoarder daughter's room. She doesn't so much line things up like Flossy, but rather sets out tableaux. We like to call her room the 'midden'. The big rose pink ashtray was a present from her beautiful Aunty Kath who also painted this lovely canvas for her when she was smaller. Floss has a similar one.
This is one of Lala's own canvases from a few years ago when all the foursome made themselves paintings based on their names with collaged newspaper and old house paint samples. Remember Wattyl Turkish Bread? I know a couple of you have it on your walls!
Can you guess her name from this lovely bit of mixed media grunginess?
Here is Santa in his civvies handing out presents in the park. This man should be a Santa as he adores the littlies, is the gentlest man alive and has all the white hair going on. We met with Grandad's seven brothers and sisters and their offspring and offspring's offspring.
Look what Flossie got! She felt the package and thought it was a book but was overjoyed to find Brobie from the Woomba. Nobody show Anna's kids this post!
They have been inseparable. Needless to say I did not get to sleep in my bed last night. The Big Fella has gone kayaking to an island to sleep on a mosquito infested beach tonight just to get a good night's sleep. Apparently Brobie has a devilish wit and has already usurped Roadkill Teddy.
I have brought back another souvenir from Mrs Bartlett's and it is called Studio Envy. I wish I had taken photos of her Aladdin's cave of a workshop. Santa's elves would be right at home! Meanwhile this is my 'studio' at the moment and it's not pretty.


  1. I wish I had the time to do crazy things like you. You're having so much fun.

    I'm stuck in the District Court all day watching Commonwealth Offences being prosecuted. I'd much love to see Brobie stand at the Bar Table and object to some line of questioning and wave his arms about as he does on Y0-G-G.

  2. Poor MMMC! It doesn't sound very Law and Order at all. Can you watch the court artists drawing? That might be interesting. Next time I go on a jaunt I'll let you know.

  3. Could you come back and take some more stuff away please?

  4. Oh what fun! All that sunshine and booty to boot.

  5. It's great to have a glimpse of gifted Anna's gifts.
    And, yes, I would love a pic of your studio Anna.
    Lala's name eludes me but her room looks like a bit of my messy life. I'd fit in well in her room.
    I have no words for Brobie, except to say - smart move Anna.


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