Sunday, November 6, 2011

Party Bytes

Last minute list writing by the party planner (a.k.a. Lala).A quick game of Mancala with Nanna.
Bathing and preparing oneself for the next day's party.
Exchanging gifts and hugs with siblings.
Pin the eyeball on the monster as designed by the party planner.
Skinny witches' fingers. (a.k.a. uncooked pizza dough)
Chubby witches' fingers. (a.k.a. cooked pizza dough)
Witches' cauldron. (a.k.a. cordial)
Green meanies (a.k.a. Pav Magic meringues)
Macho mummy.
Miming mummy.
Voguing mummy.
Cake as decorated by the party planner. (DIY party remember!)
The Spooky Forest.
Culmination....nearly there.
Shrekky cake with veins.
Keeping them in a holding pattern for collection by owners. (I only look like I'm crying.)
Frog Spawn (a.k.a. jelly) found frogotten in the fridge afterwards with watermelon.
Epilogue: It is worth noting that the husband was away, returned briefly last night and had to leave at 4.30 a..m. this morning again. I have since locked the baby in the car, had the RACQ ANGELS out to rescue her and been called by the school for another injury to a boy who will soon be banned from all sport with his brothers. Bloody Murphy and his law!!!


  1. What an excellent, excellent party! There must have been about 50 kids! You are a fabulous mum to come up with all those ideas ... happy memories are made of parties like those!! Congrats!!

  2. Forgot to mention ... shite about locking the baby in the car! I bet there was some serious panicking going on.

  3. Eek with Murphy! But the party looks SO fun. Love those witch fingers.

  4. Those fingers truly creeped me out.
    But, great fun ideas for the lovely Lala and friends.
    Repercussions understandable, if tragic.
    Mother love full on, I'd say.

  5. Oh no about the baby in the car and the sports injury.
    Wow about the DIY party. It looked great and heaps of fun.
    And I am stealing the witches fingers idea. So creepy that it's good. xx

  6. Thanks tired... back from hospital....need to feed them and crash tonight....

  7. What a party! What a great mum you are! Locking baby in the car! What a great mum you are!

    Boys! Men!

  8. Yikes, what a crazy time.

    The party looks like it was fun. You and Lala did a great job. So many clever ideas - love the witches' fingers.

  9. Thos witches' fingers are a variation on a Pinterest photo. The pizza dough worked a treat. (or trick!)


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