Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Surprise!

Today I was surprised and a bit startled to find I had received an award in Blogworld. Surprised because I'm new at this and did not expect it. Startled because I'm new at this and don't know what to do when something different to the norm pops up. Seriously, even the simplest e-things seem tricky to me. This is the first link dinky thing I've participated in. It seems the polite and sincerely grateful thing to do. My name is Annie and now I am a Versatile Blogger.

When Annie from Knitsofacto passed this parcel to me she wrote about why she blogged. I could not think of one clear reason why I was doing it. It took some consideration and a few days to come up with a few answers.

. Blogging records a part of my life that I dearly cherish so that I can recall the details and trivia in years to come. Sometimes life with five offspring is too busy to smell the roses over the soccer socks and nappies but with the last one there has been more time. I am eternally grateful to this surprise child for giving me a pause in the cannonball run that life was becoming.

. I was encouraged to start a blog for a long time by a couple of friends whom I admire and enjoy the company of, both in real life and on their posts. One I have known since the birth of our first children and we've been through a lot of life's big ones together. The other I met as a blogger and got to know her through a series of very enjoyable and funny comment dialogues over a year or so. She was the first blog friend I met in real life. These two are naturally the first people I'll pass this award on to.

. I have lovely friends in real life but we don't always have common interests. They have different passions and likes and that's fine too. In fact, very few of my friends and family know I have this blog but that may change as I gain confidence. However, it is lovely to share with like minded bloggy souls. There are women at my children's school who would be horrified at the thought of entering an op shop when, in fact, I get all a- quiver. It's the thrill of the hunt and all that. See! I couldn't tell them that. Sometimes when you've been out of your own shoes as a woman with a career, colleagues and the associated respect and you step into Mummy shoes for a few years, it is comforting and healthy to regain your voice in this gentle way.

. It seems to me that the bloggy community I have stumbled into is so supportive and kind and likeable that it is rebuilding my confidence in making art and even in having a public opinion. Sometimes it can give some objectivity to a complex situation or a paint colour just by writing about it but also in some of the sage advice offered by the comment contingent.

. It's fun.

Anyway, I'm still learning, enjoying it and expecting to finish the year that I put aside to try it out.

Here are some of my go to Blog favourites who are versatile and interesting always. Some of them may have already had this award. (Did I do this right?)

*Anna at Shiny Happy Art (artistica)

*Carmel at Make mine Mid-Century (eclectica)

*Bungalowgirl at Bungalow Bliss (other eclectica)

*Justine at I found you just in time...(Poetica)

*Zigsma at Ope Shope Hope (Musica)

Thanks, Annie


  1. I love your reasons for starting to blog. You have a great knack for wordage.

  2. Many congrats Annie, on your bloggy achievements.
    It's a very well-deserved award.
    Your poetic narratives never fail to tickle the funny bone. And thank you for your generous sharing of your delectable family.
    I hope it is more than this year that you have time to blog.
    It's a great way to start the day reflecting on your humour and op shop manoeuvres.

  3. Thank you, you. I'm tired of this blog caper. I have no time for it anymore.

    Here's to you! Onward and upward!

  4. Ooh, some new blogs to read. Congratulations to their authors.

    You couldn't do it wrong, however you wanted to respond to it was the right way to respond to it :D All I ask is that you don't stop blogging at the end of your give-it-a-go year. I'd miss you, your wit, and your versatility x


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