Thursday, November 10, 2011

Have your stools changed colour?

After school we came home without the boys. They had previous engagements so it was quiet with a sleeping toddler and an unwell girl child. I was restless.Just because they were dirty I flipped the kitchen stools on their backs. They were helpless. There they are legs akimbo, modelling a coat of Acme Universal Primer. It dries so fast. The late afternoon sun signalled limited boy- less time. Time to get stuck in.
Here they are modelling a provincial shabby look with the still wooden tops. Mother in Law would probably still barely approve here.
Now they have gone all coastal shabby in their white long johns. It's quite a pretty look but I yearn to shake off the neutrals.
Having perused the Sonia stash which is nestled on a nice little roadside find, I am a little perplexed. There is no red Aqua enamel. Horrors! I need to do this now while the mojo is on and the testosterone absent.
There is a fine yellow and, looky here, if it isn't a rather luscious turquoise.
Though I was going for yellow and red, I am thinking this turquoise is a bit gorgeous in the afternoon rays. It has been a hot day and we do have a lot of red. In fact I had considered for a brief moment going for red with white polka dots just because it's second nature. The big fella may have been a little overwhelmed by that but if you go to yodel in Kyogle you will except the consequences. Anyway I have tired of that theme and the heat always turns me off red in summer.
I must briefly run to get the boys and as I retrieve my keys from this nice little thrifted bag, I see it. It's a sign!!!
These are the colours in contention. They are like Tara's multiple personalities all vying for supremacy.
I am not going to buy paint when there is this good loving colour already here. (Although Mrs Bartlett would open a tube of series 8 pyrrol red light right about now.)
These are nice and sunny for a while. They match my child and my handbag and isn't that all that matters?There may be some funny blue streaks in that pizza dough, my darlings. Mummy has been playing in the kitchen!


  1. Perfect. Sunny and happy for an artistic home. xx

  2. Brilliant work! I love a woman who's true to her word and just gets stuck in, no questions asked.

    If the MIL queries the stools, give her my number!


  3. No matter how gloomy it gets here (and trust me, North Wales in late autumn, with endless rainy grey skies, UK financial doom in the ascendant, and hubby facing increasingly likely redundancy next year, is pretty direly gloomy) I can always rely on you to make me smile Annie, and often have me cooing in awe. And I do like that colour combo!

  4. Much thanks ladies. If I have inadvertently made someone coo in awe, I can go to sleep a happy woman. North Wales in late Autumn with endlessly rainy grey skies sounds so pretty but the grass is always greener.

  5. You were so right to go with the bag colours - although I have a very nice Series 7 aqua here that would look great too...

  6. Oh yes.
    That's a take.
    But,where do you stop?
    That table is crying out as well, me thinks.
    It's vital to match the children - then you can find them on a dull day.
    Welsh Annie - I'm thinking of you in northern Wales. A few indoor splashes of colour may help rid you of the blues.
    My heart goes out to you.

  7. Time to invite the Scottish best-little-mother-in-the Western Suburbs over for a cup of tea. Ensure to serve on matching plates and mugs as modelled.

  8. Love your stools! I've been missing in action due to a computer breakage and yes, Grammie to the world's best baby takes up a lot of my time.

  9. Oh Annie, your wonderful, Just when I needed it!!! We are in the middle of a kitchen reno, getting rid of the old natural excited. I have 3 old stools, yucky worn brown, (way past the shabby chic look) with black leather tops... I'm now thinking I could whip off the leather and add some colour all round. I'm even thinking of cutting the legs shorter to make for either little girls chairs or coffee tables... Thanks heaps for the inspiration! Just have to make sure Hubby hasn't thrown them away now!!!

  10. Your stool even matches your plates. I knew my stash was going to a beautiful place. x


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