Thursday, November 3, 2011

Incy Wincy

Spiders in Queensland get a pretty bad rap. There are only a few nasty ones and most are quite loveable if they stay outside. There was one outside a student house I lived in that stayed for years. His name was Bulbous Meatybody (because he had one) and we fed him tiny scraps of meat and the occasional bug. Any way it seems my older daughter shares my fondness for the wee beasty as she has requested a spider piñata. MMMC asked about the papier macho paste. I just use flour and water because it supposedly falls apart a little easier when thwacked. We just plastered it all on, let it dry outside overnight and Lala painted yesterday after we popped the balloon. I'm serious about the make- your- own- party thing as much as possible.
She forgot we had to put lollies in it first so after a bit of quick surgery he was filled up with a modest quantity of sweets through a small laparoscopic incision. I'm only using wrapped ones in case there is an errant chook poo somewhere on the grass.
Here he is after reconstructive surgery.
My one rule with these things is to be a recycling diva (and a tight wad ) and find as much as you can around the house. Milk lids for eyes and Lala had some eyeballs in her craft bag, as you do.
Next there is a Mambo-esque scary mouth but not too scary if you know what I mean. Cardboard is off the 'school bill's paid' manilla folder because I don't open it much.
We used cut fringed garbage bags- the really cheap nasty ones that would split with half a kilo of prawn heads in them- and just wound them around his bulbous meaty body. It was stickied up with a little watered down P.V.A. glue first. (That's Elmer's to you foreign lot.)
Et Voila! Now what do you suggest for legs and be fast because I want to put this hairy baby to bed tonight!


  1. Legs ... have you got a lot of toilet rolls you could string together? Three for each leg maybe?

    Or black stockings stuffed with scrunched-up paper?

  2. Legs ... toilet roll inners, or the egg 'cups' from egg boxes, strung together? We call it PVA in the UK too by the way.

  3. That's a good looking homemade pinata you have there! Ours doesn't looks so good... and then we ran out of paint...yikes! xx

  4. Nothing better than a home made pinata- suberb effort, and I'm with MMMC for the stuffed black pantihose. melx

  5. Some nice suggestions there everybody! Thank you but I could not bear to wait. He is ready and awaiting his first and last appearance.

  6. Hee Hee. Looks scary to me. It's Elmer's here ya'll.


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