Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How do you like THEM apples?!

The apples are coming later. Meanwhile we have been trying to get through the list- once we decipher it. A proper domestica mummy would have files on her computer and printed sheets. I've run out of printer ink so she gets a scrunched up back of a pamphlet. I did make a kids' party Pinterest board to collect ideas. Like a squirrel gathering nuts- or a nut gathering squirrels.Chop, chop, Cinderlala! Make those spider ice cubes.
Draw those ghost faces.
Here are her nine scary garden ghosts- because she's nine! I may be quite fond of them by the end of the week. WOOOOOOH!
Maybe not so much when I walk out at midnight and it's dark and the outside light is on. They are just bin bags with scrunched up paper brains and a bit of wool to tie them off and hang them.
A fresh day with zealous B2 up at Dawn's crack again. We are talking about a twelve year old here not a teething toddler. He wanted to get to school early. A local radio station was coming to interview people and the band and choir were playing live.
There was a bouncy castle, brekky, a coffee wagon, a stage with the live radio and finally the big red Channel 7 helicopter. That was our favourite.
I think I like helicopters. Flossy only likes to wave at them.
"Please don't send me away!"

They have good bits to photograph. I think I'll blow this up for the Boysworld entrance.
We liked the loud large police motorbike too.
It was early for a sleep so I called in at our old kindy where Flossy is going next year. I was wondering how she'd like it. All those shorties in one place and toys and paint. Look at those orderly straight lines. Loosen up, Floss.
The utter joy on her face made me feel a bit slack as I had all this stuff out for the others when they were much younger. There is an easel under the house. It needs to make a comeback.
Now we're getting a bit more into the kinetic art.
While she sleeps it off, a quick bit of Pavlova magic. Can you spot them?
Father still hasn't moved off the couch and Nanna seems to be taking a cutting. It looks like Red Dog is back from the Pilbarra.
That plant might be safer out on the patio.
Finally we arrive back at the reason for the post title. Anna's mum's apples on a cushion in the lounge room. It's like decorator Cluedo. Thank you Mrs Bartlett. It is lovely and gets on nicely with the patchwork one from the Ipswich op shop. I left the label on so people know it is really a NEW thing in my house and, sorry it's crushed, but you know I don't iron... I have Pavlova furnishings to make.


  1. I think I'm going to have to steal that planter idea! Seriously.

    You need to explain how you did it. Is there any soil in it? Under the rocks.

    Did you sand the egg base and then undercoat? Do you think the paint will scratch off?

  2. And here's me thinking pavlova eggs are just good for making a 'cheat' pav. We country folk are so far behind the times.

  3. I just love your bin bag ghosts, will try my hardest to remember them for next year.

  4. Love your pav magic furniture installations, especially that yellow lamp. melx

  5. MMMC: There is soil under those pebbles and it's just a bit of succulent so it should be okay. I just use a universal primer instead of sanding. There are a few around but that is just a White Knight one from the local hardware which is designed for priming tiles and laminex to paint. It doesn't seem to scratch off but time will tell.. It gives the surface a grip like sanding would. It honestly took five minutes as did the lamp.

    Fiona: I think I remember my country folk mum getting these eggs in the late 70's but maybe I'm imagining it. It does save the girls' eggs for my boys' breakfasts.

    Kylie: Easy, peasy!

    BG: I'm a bit partial to the lamp too. I might need to make a standard lamp as well or a retro standing hairdryer for the Nanna. The children are loving all this pav!

  6. I didn't even notice the lamp! You're a decorating queen! And glad you like the apples. Totally appropriate to recline on them whilst reading Inside Out. I'll be in that mag one day. I will. I will. (If I ever do anything about it!) You look good next to a helicopter. Are any children playing with your dolls house?

  7. Your doll house is fab! I need me one of those pavlova eggs. I must tell MMMC.

  8. Anna: I have hit a wall today with the part planning. I would like to be a helicopter pilot today. The Two year old plays with the dollhouse a lot which is why I moved the plant onto the patio. She can't reach that bit.

    Deb: Maybe we could start an international trade in Pavlova eggs and single handedly save the Australian economy!

  9. Dolls' house swank from Pav eggs looking terrific.
    Lala will be a big hit I'm sure, with her fellow party pals.
    Love it all.

  10. All this talk of pavs... I think I'll have to make one this weekend (though you don't really have to twist my arm too hard).

    BTW. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I just noticed today that you have "no reply" as the return email address. So I've been emailing replies to your comments into the black hole of the interwebs (derr, sorry).

    The tote bag pattern is:


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