Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Kafuffle

I could be very Grinch like and say how much I would like to go to sleep and wake up on January 2 but I won't. However I would like to point out that the whole idea of Christmas being a time of reflection and gentle peace is just such a crock of Christmas Crackers! In fact, the only one I spent like that was pre- child in the Sahara with the Big Fella and a friendly bunch of Bedouins who didn't do Christmas at all! That was camels, wise men, stables, stars, tagine, drumming and dunes...actually very Christmassy for an Islamic December 25.

This one is concerts, rehearsals, graduations, dinners, LAUNDRY. There were no washing machines in the Sahara! That's why it felt like Christmas. Other people's children's board shorts and towels keep multiplying like cuckoos' babies in my laundry basket.

Just twenty minutes before the Christmas concert last night (the third in two weeks I might add) we realised we had given away all the small Yuletide cossies. So in the spirit of Christmas, here is a twenty minute insta- costume.

1. No fabric paint, just good ol' Jo Sonia's gouache for the hands.
2. We ARE potty training and in fact had our first win yesterday but I hasten to assure you this is also Jo Sonia's paint in Provincial Beige. Flossy was not impressed with having it schmeared on her feet until she realised it tickled and was fun. I recommend using a naked child for this activity as they can share the paint around a bit.
3. This bit she loved!
4. Ta Da! What is it, you ask?
5. Look away, Buttonphobes. With the addition of some hastily stitched buttons from her own stash we're cooking with gas!
Now one is able to join the polite hoi polloi at one's myriad Christmas functions. Look at how over it Lala is. Blah Humbug indeed!
A Christmas cuddle from the tallest elf in the room.....
...finished off with ice creams on the tallest hill in the city.
One can donna this dashing ensemble and go anywhere. She has even been spotted prancing amongst the blitzen on the High St this very morning. Little Vixen!
The self-bedder is back and has an accomplice now. Shoryt just disappears when she has had enough and crashes on our bed. May be time for Santa to bring a new bed!


  1. Love the insta-costume. Ingenious.
    How I laughed at your most peaceful Christmas. It actually sounds like the most Christmassy place to be...xx

  2. Brismod: I really want the big fella to make a man-size one!

    MMMC: I read ominous trepidation in your words!?

  3. I'm laughing at MMMC's comment. Wonder what's going on there??? Your Shorty is a cutie, I'm much like Lala, and yay for the Self Bedders!

  4. Great festive t-shirt! What a clever idea. And I'm so impressed with the self bedding. Amazing.

  5. I think I'll make that t-shirt with my room 3's, thanks, that will take up at least one session of our last week. Do you think 7 and 8 year olds are too old for that design? They could always do the hand angel as an alternative. Samoans have the largest feet I have ever seen, so not sure we will get the nose, they only ever wear thongs on their feet and the spread starts early.

  6. That shirt is amazing!
    And poor Lala ... I know exactly how she feels.
    Now to go extract mine from their beds ... another swimming carnival ... and a hundred k drive to boot! Yay! Fun, fun, fun.

  7. I am constantly amazed by the mothering capacity of you,Annie, and of your friends.
    Fiona's contribution has floored me.
    Why must an ever-loving mother be subjected to such torture?
    The desert sounds like a fun place. The tagine part I found attractive, but I'm seriously inclined to avoid the rest.
    I'm not convinced it was a blast with the Bedouins.
    BTW, I really love small stuff's shirt and believe Lala was in another world , opting out of the festivities. I do understand.

  8. All eyes on the t-shirt! Very clever and so cute, just like Miss Shorty.

    Yay for Christmas with the Bedouin, another ace idea!

  9. Looks like the self-bedder-wins over the bedouins!

    Julie: Make the T-shirts for the dads and use the thongs to print instead of feet!

    Fiona: 100 kms driving away from Christmas sounds like heaven if you didn't have a car full of kids.

    DMC: The bedouins were a hoot. There were lots of drummer boys having a drum-off in the starry night and camel rides on the dunes by a stable with not a skerrick of mangy tinsel in sight.

    Annie and CC: I think that shirt idea has been around a while but we are still tweaking it.
    Deb: Get ye some paint on that grand baby, STAT!

  10. Oh wow - how I love your reindeer t-shirt! What an absolutely wonderful idea. Found you on Annie knitsofacto blog - love to see what Annies are doing around the world.


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