Tuesday, November 29, 2011

From the sublime to the domesticus.

After watching Steven Wiltshire on Sunday and waxing all lyrical there for a brief time, reality bit yesterday morning. * This is MY red carpet getting hosed down after somebody delivered a spectacular parabola of vom-vom on it en route to the car to go to school. He said he felt much better afterwards and wanted to go to school as they were making clay dinosaurs. I said I felt much worse and wanted to stay home because I felt like I was becoming a clay dinosaur. It was quite restful downstairs in the dappled morning shade, sipping a tea and massaging the sudsy woolly rug with my toes. I'd given it a good shake out over the jungly bit of garden first- of course! However it was a pleasant tactile experience on a warm summer morning and a girl has to take whatever sensory experience she can some days. With a little latin American music, this could be the new Zumba! Yes, they are exercise pyjamas.
I went with the 'Answer to All Smelly Textiles' in our house. Mrs Martha Gardiner left her lovely eucalyptus scent in the place of Fishy's less aromatic one.
Fish finished his dragon at school then fell asleep on the desk and knocked it over, then he fell asleep at home practising on the sixth child for his exam today. He is presently asleep on the couch.
Speed it up, big boy! Like Yoyo Ma on LCM's.
Continuing my love affair with yellow and eggs and the garden...
I tried to go all domestic and make cornflake biscuits like the ones you see at fetes. These were seriously buttery suckers. The offspring still ate them but I didn't bother to photograph them as they were a bit blah. I need a better recipe than some generic internet one.
It may be time to delve into the new tome. I haven't had the time, inclination or ingredients to try this yet.
I like how some of the contributors add a little personal something to the recipe, like Mary here who recalls making these cakes for cookery class in 1945. And who knew jam drops were ever called pansy faces- a much nicer name.We are all heading to hit the wall early tonight so it was mass Moonie showers, home made pizza and pointing their sleepy bodies toward the bedrooms before it gets too late. That's a ring-in child there.
The end of the year is getting hard.

*Stephen Wiltshire finished his Brisbane drawing this afternoon. You can see it and the last four days' progress on his blog here. Have a look in the 'It is summer here' photo. It's Where's Wally meets Cluedo.... Annie with a pram on the phone in the library. Wish I could have gone back but the above day got in the way.


  1. Gracious me, what a day! How do you keep your cheerful energy and still have time to paint your toenails???

  2. Who wouldn't love the opportunity to scrub a little vomit from the hall runner on a sunny Summer morning! (Count me out).
    Throw some choc chips and mixed dried fruit in those biscuits before rolling in cornflakes, and the kids will love you forever (only if they like mixed dried fruit of course).
    Our kids are collapsing too with the ridiculous roll-on of end-of-year events we are being bombarded with. Bring on the hols.

  3. So glad to hear the end of the year is doing you in. I'm over it.

    That son of yours must be sick, poor thing. I don't know when I'm be able to hit GOMA. So tempted to go on my own. You reckon I could do it in an hour's lunch break?

  4. Annie, are you sure your name isn't PollyAnna?
    She kept a dreadful optimism through the vicissitudes Life threw at her.
    Gorgeous painted toenails were never meant to tread carpets , even red ones, outside the glitter strips.
    That is one sick son .
    I hope the stringed appliance helped shake off the blues.
    As ever, I too , find this time of year a drag.
    We should be able to leap from November to Christmas, then to Jan 1st, then Feb and the start again of the new school year all in one quick week.

  5. Hello Annie!
    Yellow and eggs are a match made in heaven. I want a good camera of your sort for Xmas.
    Your exercise pj's are my type of fitness attire.
    So much to catch up on... I will be back!

  6. What pretty feet you have my dear! One should never let one's standards slip, any elegantly pointed foot is always to be admired. LG

  7. I actually think my poor old feet would enjoy kneading a foamy rug on the grass. Far too busy. Place is a mess. Not eating well. Must do this better next year. Hope Fish is better and his dragon survived.

  8. Another small matter, Annie.
    You always seem to have extra children to add to your brood.
    I think you must check any wall cracks to discover their source.
    It's amazing what Selley's would fix.

  9. MMMC: Lunch hour would be enough to at least trip the light fantastic on those rainbow boards!

    Deb: Don't look too closely at those hobbit toenails. They haven't been painted for months.

    Fiona: Thanks for your bikkie recipe. I'll try it when the furore dies down.

    DMC: Wake me up on January 2nd thank you.

    Raine and Sage: HELLO there. We missed you! Hope you saw all the good things your paint tins have been doing.

    LG: You know how chickenny those toes are in real life!

    DMC: I only accept adorable well behaved extras and often don't notice them any way until they ask for food!


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