Friday, November 4, 2011

Senor Arana

Don't worry ladies! I couldn't wait. We got some dug up roots out of the front dirt pile where Big Fella is building. We wrapped them in black electrical tape pilfered from the boys Weapons of Mess Destruction/modding area. Some small surgical adjustments by Mr Eagle Eye and his steady thready fingers and
he lives....Senor Arana means Mr Spider in Spanish according to Google translator. We thought it was a nice, piñata-ish name. (Does it follow that Arana Hills in Brisbane must mean Spider Hills?)
I think I love him. He may be hiding in my cupboard by Sunday and a Spotlight soccer ball piñata may be hanging in his frangipani tree. I don't want eight year olds to beat him with a thwacking stick. He already looks like he's been beaten with an ugly stick. Does he look very anxious to you too?


  1. He looks terrified to me! Love the tree root legs ... now that I never would have thought of, not having any handy tree roots hanging about in need of employment ;D

  2. He looks very scared. Be gentle with the dear old soul.

  3. He does look alarmed. I think he knows there is no way they will be gentle!

  4. Too wild to tame.
    I don't like the idea of him in a cupboard.
    He seems to be screaming for the great outdoors.
    Maybe he saw the rubber chicken's fate.


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