Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So You'd Better Get This Party Started!

After being distracted by all things ghoulish and horsey, Lala asked if we could get started on the master plan for her party. (Actually I wagged Melbourne Cup to recover from Halloween). This is going to be a cheats' speedy party plan. I got some half price cake mix. It will be green with red veins I think. I was going to do rainbow cake but read about yet another one this morning on the internet and, frankly, it's too much work. This one may have ghosts on it or bolts out the side...not sure. I was going to be uber-organised and make them early and freeze them.Some party accomplices are lurking amongst the avocados. You are not fooling us, Pavlova Magics, with your lame hiding place. Yes! I am a Pavlova Magic convert now. More cheating! I really want the cases for some more dollhouse ideas but that's another tangent.
Having made the batter I read the big DO NOT FREEZE sign of the package so now I am making a trial cake for afternoon tea. How organised is that? Yes. It is by default. Your point?
This is fun! I've gone all Pollocky with my raspberry ripple bloody veins!
Pity to mix it in but veins we must have. See that lovely black thumbnail where I jammed my finger in the concertina ladder whilst failing to put up a basketball hoop? Maybe I should paint them all black and go a tad goth-mama.
Now while that is baking.....
piñata! How I do love to schmeer paste and paper all over a balloon. This provided the opportunity to catch up with a bit of news via the torn newspapers at the same time, listen to some old Morcheeba and observe Shorty display a shocking disapproval of mess. ( Note to self: I must work on stimulating her grubby genes which are significantly more dormant in her than the other offspring.)
We haven't made one of these since the Great Bunyip Piñata of 2005.

Meanwhile we get a call to deliver swimming bags to school for the Forgetful Brothers. A minor detour! We have cake! Spectaculous! Maybe a bit high. We'll shape it more for the real deal. Thinking ahead...so organised.
A watched piñata never dries. Blow on it please, small demon gnome.
All the cooking has necessitated some quick play dough being thrown together for Shorty. Grandad is most proficient at play dough ball rolling. "Roll it, Grandad!" We are both very proud of him.
She is passing on his knowledge to her goth-mama who she seems to feel needs some instruction in this area.
Now the Pavlova Magic enters, stage right. I think these will be green ghosty things or ogre drool or maybe protoplasm. Remember Ghostbusters? Maybe they could all just lie down and watch a movie? I digress.
This is her party box. The plan is somewhere in the bottom as dictated by the party planner herself. The two dollar shop had a big Halloween sale yesterday just before the Melbourne Cup.
See, I can be organised. My name is Annie and I am a domestica Goth-mama! Stay tuned...


  1. Ooh, looks like an interesting party coming up, can't wait to see what you creating! :)

  2. Snap! We are piñata making for a puffle party. It took ages to dry. And it has a weak spot. God knows how we are going to make it look like a puffle! I'm off to get some magic pav eggs. Puffle meringues are now on the menu. Xx

  3. GJ: It is an organic and changing thing. I learnt long ago with kids' parties to keep them open ended. She already ditched pass the parcel tonight, thank the party pixies.

  4. BM: Our piñata is drying under the ceiling fan in the living room after spending the day with the gargoyle in the garden. He is drying nicely. It is really thick like the Steve Martin one so that they all get a go and it takes ages!

  5. My name is Annie too (although my mother insists that it's actually Anne, but hey, what does she know). Sorry, I digress ... my name is Annie too, and I am in awe of your uber organised Goth-mama party planning! I would send out invites, outsource the cake to my Dad (amazing vehicular constructions from variously shaped chocolate biscuits a speciality), and leave the rest to chance on the day! Sad, but true.

  6. Good job you! I too catch up on the news, not while making birthday equipment but while getting ready to light the wood fire in the kitchen. I like to stay up on current events, don't you???

  7. Annie: Hold the awe. Have you noticed how much work that child is doing for her own party?

    Deb: Sadly, Deb, I had to go and get old papers off my parents because we don't even get them any more. I only hear news on the car radio when I'm driving the kids around.

  8. Do you remember when Paula used those eggs as Dinosaur Eggs for Ben's party goody bags? I too have resorted to them on occasion. For the packaging, of course. It's all looking very organised Ms A.

  9. Anna: I don't remember because I have compromised all the brain cells from that time with sleep deprivation. She must have made a LOT of pavlovas! Looks can be SO deceiving.

  10. Will this be the party to end all parties?

    What's the recipe for papier mache?

  11. When do you get time to sleep?

  12. LOVE this post. I wanted to dive into that cake mix....YOU are a manic party goddess! Googled halloween make-up at the ready! LG

  13. MMMC: NO! It wil be mild mannered as I am home alone that day with many children and a couple of stoic mums. It's just a play with spooky stuff around the yard. Papier macho recipe....plain flour + water. Whisk it together and stick on strips of torn newspaper. Go on. You know you want to...

    DMC: That is a bit of a problem.

    LG: You can come over and jump into that cooked cake mix right now if you want to! It is one big cake and these kids are not big cake eaters.


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