Friday, November 4, 2011

Lovely Lala!

Pssst! I have a secret. It is lovely Lala's birthday today and I thought I'd write a little post as part of her present.You arrived during the Melbourne Cup nine years ago and have since always known how to make a dramatic entrance. I was expecting a fourth boy so you were a sweet and delightful surprise. I felt like I had suddenly gained a tiny ally. You felt the same way when you gained a sister six years later.
You have been displaying less of your feminine side of late but still have a highly individual sense of style, wit...
and charm.

We so enjoy your eclectic array of friends, talents and abilities and how you harbour no fears when introduced to new ones.
I learn every day from your brave joy de vivre, your simple insights, your affection and your understanding beyond your years.
Happy Birthday, little Lala. We love you very much!


  1. Happy Birthday! I can see in that second photo how adored LaLa is!

    I hope LaLa's birthday party was a smash!

  2. MMMC: Not till tomorrow and only the spider is truly finished. Eyeballs are setting in the fridge and green meanies all burnt so I have to buy more in the morning....Then a long bath and a lie down!

  3. Happy Birthday! She's gorgeous inside and out. Well done, Mum!

  4. Happy Birthday LaLa. Have a great party :D

  5. Love that photo of your two girls, and your artwork. melx

  6. What a sweet 9 year old.
    She's a good companion to you, Annie, I can see.
    I just want to wish you, Lala, a wonderful birthday you will remember always.
    The gift of a little sister is immeasurable.
    Congrats Mum and Dad.
    I always think mother must take a quiet moment on childrens' birthdays, and recall how it was at the birth.
    The joy of this miracle lasts a lifetime.

  7. Thank goodness she arrived on Melbourne Cup Day because it was awfully rude of you not to turn up to my MC celebration otherwise! She's gorgeous and you are one proud Mum. Well done to both of you!


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